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Parameters of Ethical Decision Making

Parameters of Ethical Decision Making

Evaluate Rawls’ theory and the other approaches to ethical decision making. Analyze the approach
you feel works best in resolving ethical dilemmas. Once you have chosen an approach you feel is
best, apply the ethical issue you identified. Assess the resolution your ethical decision-making

approach suggests for your issue.

Parameters of Ethical Decision Making

Rawls theory has some insights regarding ethical decision-making. The theory
provides recommendations on how to deal with ethical dilemmas. This mainly relies on his
principles inscribed in the theory. One of the principles is difference principle that requires
social and economic inequalities to be arranged so that they can benefit those who are less
least disadvantaged. In simpler terms, differences in social and wealth position are acceptable
as long as they can be shown to benefit everyone and, in specific those who have the fewest
business advantages (In Christiansen, In Basilgan & IGI Global, 2014). The second principle
is known as liberty principle that recommends that each person should have an equal right to
as many basic liberties as possible. The environment should also still allow a similar system
of liberty for all. This principle guarantees that an individual should process as much liberty
as to live and seek chances as is possible, not infringing the liberties and freedoms of others.
According to In Christiansen, In Basilgan & IGI Global (2014), the theory is
obviously applicable to ethical matters in the larger health care setting where there are ethical
dilemmas between health policy and allocation of resources. These issues can be approached
by using Rawls theory from the perceptive of rights and individual liberties. The theory is
also applicable in giving patients, patients, and families in health care setting autonomy and
obligations to maneuver about ethical dilemmas involving ethical malpractices (In
Christiansen, In Basilgan & IGI Global, 2014). These ethical dilemmas include decisions of
end of life matters. This is because the theory has a strong emphasis in on moral obligation
and the need to mitigate the practical consequences of social and business systems.


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