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Original Creation of Earth

Original Creation of Earth

. Original creation of the Earth (nebular hypothesis vs. six-day creation)

Content and Outline

Use the following outline when writing your paper. Each point on the below outline should be a separate

section (with the section heading, as indicated) within your paper.

I. Introduction

� Indicate which topic you chose from the list above.

� Indicate the purpose of your paper (i.e., to compare old-Earth and young-Earth viewpoints on your

chosen topic).

Comparative Essay 2

II. Old-Earth Secular View

� What is the old-Earth secular viewpoint on your chosen topic?

Comparative Essay 3

Original Creation of the Earth (nebular hypothesis vs. six day creation)

Topic: The topic of this exercise is the original creation of earth and the two main opposing
perspectives that seek to explain how it occurred. These are the nebular hypothesis which is
secular and the six day creation which is based on biblical scripture.
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the two view points on the origin
of the earth. One of the theories is the nebular theory which is based on secular scientific theories
that were proposed to explain how the earth came to be. The other perspective, the six day
creation, on the other hand is a Christian belief stated in the Bible about God, a supreme being
deliberately created the earth.
Old Earth Secular View
The Old Earth Secular View of creation is a collective term that is used to refer to a
several types of theories that are based on scientific knowledge as a means of explaining how the
earth came to be in its present form. This form of reasoning relies on various branches of science
such as geology, plate tectonics and various forms of radiometric dating as a means of
establishing the age of the earth (LaPorte, 2014). It is termed as the old earth secular view due to
the manner in which it is manifested relative to the young earth theory of creation. The ‘old’ is
indicative of the belief that the earth is much older than 6000 years as indicated by the calendar
followed by Judaism.
One of the more common beliefs associated with old-earth secular view is the ‘Big Bang
Theory’ which is believed by scientists to have taken place over a billion years ago. The reason

Comparative Essay 4
why it is termed as secular is that it exists parallel to religious theories of creation. Its origin is in
science and rational or logical arguments thus its being called ‘secular’. Under this view, life on
earth whether plant or animal came about as a result of progressive evolution from simple celled
organisms whose cellular structure grew more and more complicated as the organisms sought to
better adapt to their environment. According to this school of thought, evolution did not stop but
is more of a continuous process taking place even today. Those who hold to this point of view
are critical of those who believe in young earth creationism for completely ignoring logic
(Herbert, 2014).
Young Earth Creationism
Young Earth creationism is a belief system that the earth is 6000 years old and was
created in a total of six days out of nothing. The six days are taken as the literal days with 24
hours in each. This is a literal interpretation of what the Bible says in the creation story narrated
in the book of Genesis which discusses the origins of earth and everything on it (Benton, 2014).
Key to this belief is the belief in the existence of a supreme being who is known as the God of
Abraham. This is the same God worshipped in Judaism, Christianity and also Islam albeit under
different names. Under this theory humanity has virtually existed from time immemorial.
Those who take this point of view are motivated to stand by it due to their belief that
what the Bible says is infallible. They therefore also oppose the secular perspective that the earth
formed following a cataclysmic event in the universe followed by geological processes and
evolution leading to the earth and life as known today. According to the young earth creation
belief, everything that exists on earth whether natural or living has maintained the same form
since it was created (MCGee, 2012).

Comparative Essay 5

Comparison and Contrast

The first similarity that these two points of view share is the fact that whatever happened
at the ‘beginning of time’ had a direct impact on how things are today. Regardless of the path
followed, both alleged origins of the earth have led to nature being what it is today.
The second similarity that the old-earth secular belief and young earth creationism theory
have is the fact that the processes that took place at the beginning of the earth put in place
relevant parameters needed for the sustaining of life on earth. This is to say that both
perspectives believe that life on earth is not an accident but rather something systematic.
The first difference between these two points of view is on the role of the supreme being.
According to the old-earth secular belief, the earth came into existence due to the existence of
the right conditions in the universe while young earth believes that God personally created
The second difference is on the age of the earth. The old earth secular view takes it that
the earth is at least a billion years old while the young earth view maintains that earth is six
thousand years old.
From the above it is evident that there exists a sharp difference between the two
perspectives. Proponents of both young earth creationism and old earth put a lot of effort into
justifying their point of view. It is unlikely that the two will ever find a common ground due to

Comparative Essay 6
the implication of the same. They however have areas of common ground as well as some stark
differences and an understanding of these is key in differentiating the two.

Comparative Essay 7

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