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Organizations Recycling

Organizations Recycling
Many organizations feel that recycling is not something that is economically beneficial. Since it requires
additional handling and suppliers require a level of purity that is not easy to achieve in order to earn top
dollar for recyclables. Keeping these points in mind, offer an approach that can achieve recycling within
any organization. You are welcome to use your own company as an example, or you can pick any
organization that you are affiliated with such as your school, church, service organization, neighborhood,


At a minimum, your recycling program should include a plan on how it can be done efficiently and cost
effectively. Ideally, it should be a program that either breaks even or makes money.

RLMT501 Week 7 FORUM 2

RLMT501 Week 7 Forum

Recycling is vital to save the environment and minimize the cost of buying new products.
Organizations see the value of recycling used products to them and society (Piermattéo, Lo
Monaco, & Girandola, 2017). Owing to climate change and adverse effects it poses, countries are
advised to adopt measures that reduce the release of harmful chemicals into the air through
recycling. Schools, churches, and others organizations have adopted measures that reduce
environmental harm. Recycling programs are helpful in reducing environmental hazards while
cutting cost.
Numerous approaches can be taken to recycle products in school. Products such as
papers, metals, and glass can be recycled easily in the school without disposing of them away
which creates a landfill. Glass material is used to produce packaging containers for various
products such as perfume, food, and beverages. Beer, wine, and liquor containers offer the most
significant quantities of glass material for recycling. School products such as wall insulation,
computers, and countertops are glass components, which can be recycled. Recycling such
products will help the school cut expenses used in buying new products.
Moreover, the school may recycle plastics. Plastics consist of chain molecules and are
parts of countless products. Recycling plastic containers will lower amounts of discarded
plastics by the school, thereby conserving the environment. Paper is the most popular solid
waste and efforts to eliminate careless disposals have not been successful. Recycling paper
saves landfill space, reduces greenhouse emissions, and the need to cut down trees (Piermattéo,
Lo Monaco, & Girandola, 2017). The school can recycle papers by converting used papers into

RLMT501 Week 7 FORUM 3
new products, which minimize the amount of wood used during the process. The school can
recycle such products themselves to avoid extra expenses. Furthermore, the school uses papers a
lot hence the need to recycle them to avoid buying new ones.

RLMT501 Week 7 FORUM 4


Piermattéo, A., Lo Monaco, G., & Girandola, F. (2016). When Commitment Can Be Overturned:
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