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Organizational Stressors

Organizational Stressors

An Annotated Bibliography

Organizational stress seems to be an inevitable consequence of doing business in today�s fast-paced

global society. But what are the causes of organizational stress?

What is the impact of these stressors on an organization? How can these sources of stress be effectively
mitigated and managed? Critically reviewing the body of research on these questions may yield valuable
insight that will allow you to enable organizations of which you are a part to manage better stress.


Organizational Stressors

This article main discussion point is the association of organizational stress with job
stress and burnout effect in correctional officers. The author indicates the effects of
organizational stressors had on the whole organization as well as the CEO. This paper’s focus
was majorly on the relationship between Correctional Officer’s stress and organizational
stressors. Therefore, the paper provides literature that fills the gap of literature concerning the
same issue. It was noted that the use of effective interventions could have an effect on the
organizational stress in a way that reduces the Correctional Officer’s stress
(Download.springer.com., 2015)
The methods of conducting the research needed in the writing of this majorly included a
systematic search of literature that concerned the same issue. The search was conducted using a
certain priori that was criteria developed. Before the use of literature in the research, all articles

underwent a detailed process of quality assessment that aided in selecting the most viable
literature sources among them. The team that selected the articles used a given criteria to come
up with categories of organizational stressors.
The article provided reliable information acquired from their thorough research. The
results gave a list of organizational stressors that causes the Correctional Officers stress while
on duty. The organizational stressors mentioned in the article included rewards at work, role in
the organization, organizational structure, supervisory relationships at work and climate. These
organizational stressors were the most noted to affect the work of the Correctional officers
thereby affecting the whole organization. The review of the results of the study showed the
most significant organizational stressors that mostly affected job stress on the Correctional
officers was the organizational structure and climate of the working location.
The research leading to the writing of the article experienced some limitations from
time to time. However, the most noted of limitations was the use of varying measures of
organizational stressors and the cross-sectional design used in selecting reliable literature.
In concluding the contents of this article, it would be prudent to point out that there was
found a relationship or rather an association between the Correctional officer’s job stress and
some organizational stressors. The article, therefore, provided reliable literature that could be
used in time to solve the issue of Burnout effect t and Job stress in Correctional officers.
Journal.managementinhealth.com,. (2015). OCCUPATIONAL STRESS


This article identifies occupational stress as one of the major organizational stress that
eventually affects the performance of an individual in a work environment. Also, the paper
mainly focuses on the professional ways in which managers in an organization can utilize to
neutralize the issues of occupational stress in an organization. The effects of organizational
stress have been duly noted in the article. Hence giving the author a simple task of reinforcing
the management of these type of stressors that cause damage to an organization in the long run.
In essence, this paper focuses on the side of stress management that was ideally
categorizing the type of organizational stressors that can be found in some organizations. There
was an indicated approach that aided in illustrating the need for an organization to manage
stress at the organization level. Also, the paper also provided some strategies that could be of
aid in managing stress in a professional manner. The basis of professional handling of
organizational stress as indicated was the creation of a suitable work environment
(Journal.managementinhealth.com., 2015). All solutions mentioned for this type of stress
pointed to this eventuality.
The creation of a suitable work environment ideally related to some aspects of
employment and the whole organization. These aspects include employment characteristics,
organizational structure, labor relations and achievement of a healthy organizational structure.
The proper management of these aspects all pointed to the eventuality of having a positive
organizational climate without any stress involved. Some important things to consider when
coming up with a professional design to handle the issue of organizational stress include
adequate communication, a relaxed and friendly climate, and anti-stress leisure time activities
among others.

In conclusion, the article gave some valuable insights on the importance of a
professional method of handling organizational stress. These insights illustrated that
organizational stress needed to be handled both at the individual level and the organizational
Organizational Stress: Focusing on Ways to Minimize Distress. (2015).

This article provides literature on the effective ways to minimize the effects or
organizational stress by minimizing distress. In a broad view, the article defines organizational
stress as the result of the factors in an organization that causes individual stress on an employee
of that organization. The author seems to accept that currently there is still little research on the
causes and eventually implications of organizational stress. However, what seems to be left out
is the categorization of organizational stressors. Therefore, the main focus of this paper has
been pointed towards the implications of these stressors without first defining what an
organizational stressor refers to.
The article shows that there are different or myriad causes associated with
organizational stress. The author took the liberty to identify clearly and expound on the various
causes of organizational stress in a comprehensible manner. Some of the indicated sources were
leadership style and quality, organizational structure, balance in work and life, structural
changes and changes in the business processes, maintaining a balance between the efficiency of

services and high quality standards, the demand for various organizational tasks and roles,
development of the 24/7 mentality and lastly the quality and effectiveness of communication
throughout the organization (Organizational Stress: Focusing on Ways to Minimize Distress.,
All the causes as mentioned above of organizational stress had their unique kind of
effect on individuals in the organization causing distress. Consequently, the distress in these
individuals turned out distress at the organizational level. Therefore, comes the need for
managing the distress to ensure no harm is done to the performance of the whole organization.
Hence the developed solutions that addressed distress both at the individual and organizational



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organizational stressors in sport performers. Scandinavian journal of medicine & science in
sports, 22(4), 545-557.
Journal.managementinhealth.com,. (2015). OCCUPATIONAL STRESS MANAGEMENT.

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