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Organization development

Analyze and critically evaluate the methods and procedures of organization
development and review their strategic impact.

Organization development involves a deliberate attempt by the management of a company to
improve production and organization efficiency through effective planned efforts that may
involve systematic learning as a development strategy that mostly targets a change in attitude,
beliefs and values hence develop the organization, its processes, structures and its systems.

  1. The interventions involved sharing of their experiences as nurses to identify and analyze their
    predicament by evaluating areas that they can improve on while also developing the requisite
    action plans for their implementation. To invoke critical thinking as one of the intervention
    measures, the facilitators introduced stakeholder analysis as a general framework to improve
    their relationship with other stakeholders involving tissue viability mostly on the wards.
    Stakeholder analysis improves inter-personal trust among the nurses and the patients. Through
    the issues identified in stakeholders’ analysis, the nurses’ cooperation and collaboration increases
    the organizations problem solving abilities (Kellie, Henderson and Milsom, 2010).

2 Case Study – NHS

  1. The level of satisfaction and commitment that the employees have exhibited after the
    interventions have been implemented indicates a sense of empowerment and rekindled hope in
    nursing profession that had taken a back seat as a powerless profession in medical hierarchy. The
    impact on the organization culture reflects an improved change in the way the relationships
    between the stakeholders and the nurses has been. The positive attitude that the intervention have
    inculcated on the nurses generally has resulted in increased confidence and integral peer group
    learning processes that has resulted in renewed strength from the historical traditional culture of
    powerlessness. The interventions are also likely to encourage leadership qualities and abilities
    among them.
    The nurses have developed and improved their influencing nursing skills within the organization.
    The identified blocks to change that were identified as a result of the hospital structures and
    policies were collectively taken over by the facilitators through the nurses.
  2. The collective ability of the nurses to work together for the benefit of all the stakeholders has
    to be recognized and supported by the organization design and structure. The management has to
    recognize and redesign the medical hierarchy to include the nurses and the integral role that they
    support as also critical for the overall success of the institution. The organization structure must
    also find a way of motivating the nurses in an effort to increase their output and also improve
    their general relationship with the stakeholders. The interventions are likely to foster leadership
    qualities among the nurses (Kellie, Henderson and Milsom, 2010).
  3. Organization development is a critical component of the management structure of any
    organization and its integral role in the success of a company must be recognized by all potential
    companies that are keen on succeeding and also expand their operations. Employees can be

3 Case Study – NHS
productive given the right organization development and training. Demoralized employees who
are unmotivated and unproductive can be encouraged to change through various organization
techniques that may not necessarily mean monetary compensation or dismissal threats or
cohesion. These way the management will effectively control and manage any conflicts that may
arise as the management can also control the employees effectively as the employees are
satisfied, committed and willing to change and solve problems by addressing them instead of
avoiding them.
To conclude, organization can provide opportunities for the employees that can influence their
working relationships with other employees and also treating them respectably by recognizing
their special needs as they are important in both their professional and social life. The
management should strive to create a work environment that’s exciting and also challenging.

4 Case Study – NHS

Kellie, Henderson and Milsom, (2010) in Stewart and Rigg, (2011)

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