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Operations and Information Management

Operations and Information Management

The Assignment is a term paper for Logistics, Procurement and Supply chain management for Salford


I need to submit it on 9 Nov 2014 and I am not a native english speaker so i need a paper that does not

look plagarised.

Ther total word is 1750. However, i will manage 100 words. Please use UK English Harward business

style APA 6


Information Management Assignment: Sky High Airlines Report

Technology has become one of the strategies for attaining competitive edge in many
companies. It is however important that companies carry out in-depth evaluation and analysis of
technologies before adopting to overcome challenges inherent. This report provides an analysis
and recommendations concerning introduction of an integrated booking system based on that of
Fresh Air (South African airline) into Sky-High Airlines. The report outlines ways in which the
new IT strategy will benefit Sky High Airlines. It as well identifies key challenges of Sky High
Airlines transitioning to this integrated system. A detailed recommendation for effective
implementation of the strategy is as well discussed.
Overview of Sky-High Airlines
The airline market share has reduced due to increased conglomerates of airlines focusing
on low costs strategy. This competition has threatened Sky-High Airlines that provides luxury
travel at a premium price to rethink its corporate strategy. Various options have emerged to
counter the competition. Acquisition of Fresh Air by Sky-High Airlines to expand the market to
South Africa is motivated by its leading booking system based upon open source technologies.
The chief information officer of the company as well as CEO believes this technology is a source
of competitive advantage. Some quarters such as CEO believe that the Sky-High Airlines should
not adopt IT since its unnecessary expense that will cost too much money hence it should focus
on traditional efficiency techniques and redundancies.

Ways new IT strategy can benefit Sky High Airlines
Significant number of research studies has linked firms’ investments in IT with overall
competitive advantage as they pursue superior performance. Adoption of technologies in the
operations of the companies remains an area of opportunity that Sky High Airlines need to take
advantage of.
Integrating the booking system will benefit Sky High Airlines in many ways. The
company will incur fewer costs in implementing the technology, as it will build on the already
established open source system of Fresh Air. The fact that Fresh Air has a system in place; it will
not cost a lot for the company. Furthermore, the time it will take to implement the technology
will be reduced allowing the company to accrue the benefit relating to the technology
(Orlikowski, 1992).
The firms’ competitive ability to create and capture value through positioning in the
industry is improved. SHA stands a chance of competing favorably in the market courtesy of the
technology. SHA will improve efficiency in its bookings, as customers will not have to
experience delays in their bookings. The increased customer base is going to boost the
profitability of the company making it compete effectively in the current market (Feller,
Finnegan, Fitzgerald, & Hayes, 2008).
This integration will allow SHA to complement its previous accumulated resources, as
the company will unlock its value from the existing underlying investments. This will allow the
airline an opportunity to remain competitive in the market as it will accrue profits from the
reduced resource utilization (Drnevich & Croson, 2013).

According to the flexibility-based theories, the firm has the ability to quickly respond to
changes in an effective manner which ensures that there is improvement in the efficiency (prices
minus cost). By SHA adapting to this technology it will improve in its efficiency hence the firm
will minimize its costs of engaging in business. Customers will be able to use this technological
platform to book their tickets easily. Flexibility will as well increase effectiveness by enabling
them to seize every opportunity that will help it accrue extra ordinary profits. Through this
booking system, customers will be able to make enquiry easily and well as follow up, on their
progress without necessarily having to appear at the airplane physical premises
Key challenges of Sky High Airlines transitioning to an integrated system
Even though the company will accrue some benefits as a result of transitioning to an
integrated system, there are a number of challenges the airline will encounter.
One of the challenges is resistant to change. Various stakeholders hold varied opinions
about adapting to this new technology. For instance, the CEO is not supporting this technology
because of fear of increased cost. Such resistant will impact on the transitioning making the
process long.
Another key challenge is selecting the most appropriate system that will better meet the
expectations of the company. There are various software packages available in the market that
the company can adopt (Feller, Finnegan, Fitzgerald, & Hayes, 2008). The two options to choose
from is packaged and open sources software. Packaged software offers rich propositions in terms
of broad and diffuse implications and in generation of energy. Such software are selected
through a linear model of activities that includes identifying the user needs, evaluation of
software on the basis of needs and then selecting the most suitable package. Open source

software on the other hand are produced/created by a consortium of experts and are not sold
these two options have their advantages as well as drawbacks and therefore, it would require the
company to agree on the best modality something that may take quite some time delaying the
process of transitioning (Samoladas, et al., 2012). The users at their own wish use free/open
source software; they can copy and redistribute the software and can as well modify it to suit
their own use.
Recommendations on effective implementation of the strategy
Implementing the strategy in the correct way will ensure that it succeeds. This however
will require SHA to take adapt to appropriate strategy.
The company will have to create a conducive environment whereby all the stakeholders
agree and support the integration process. A section of the stakeholders has indicated some
resistance and this is likely to be an impediment. To avoid such, they should be made to
understand the benefit of integrating to the new system through practical demonstrations on how
the system works (Drnevich & Croson, 2013). They should as well be convinced through
examples of the companies that have embraced the technology and how it is working for them.
This will help to increase the level of resistance.
It is also recommended that the company carry out a SWOT analysis about packaged and
free open source software to adapt to before making an appropriate decision. Even though open
sources software is preferred, its strength, weaknesses, and threats and opportunities must be
highlighted and assessed. This will ensure that the best decision is reached making the process of
implementation easy and successful.

To implement the project well, it requires that the company come up with a defined
process of strategic systems integration planning (SSIP) that will provide basis on the successful
integration of the new technology. This is a cost-effective approach that allows better decisions
making and improve the productivity of the system. Once SSIP process is in place, it is then
easier for the company to implement and integrate new IT the deliverables as they are easily
defined, resources and assigned (ArcView Associates, LLC, 2009).
The first step is managing the SSIP and organizational change. This is the initial step but
continues in the other phases and if well deployed it continues throughout the life of an
enterprise. At the start, the scope, work plans, tracking and reporting of the program are
established to manage the introduction of the SSIP to gain executive-level support and
commitment. It is also important to define the project team for the initial SSIP phase. The team
will be required to carry out various functions such as to manage the project, manage the process
change and organizational change and ensure commitment through organization communication
and executive communications. In SHA, the combined team of IT from all the branches of the
airline, business representatives and customers must have insight in the business process
(ArcView Associates, LLC, 2009).
The second phase is assessment of the current IT and business environments. The teams
will review the current IT environment and business environment. They must engage leaders to
understand the business direction, competitive situation, industry trends, and customer segments.
To have a clear understanding of what the future has in store for the technology.
Internal IT environment require assessment including the data center telecommunications
infrastructure, physical system architecture and infrastructure, deployed systems, applications

users, application interfaces, and development process, access security, QA and test processes,
databases and IT organization and management function among many others (ArcView
Associates, LLC, 2009).
The industry trends should as well be assessed with attention focus to those that could
affect current environment. The company is also required to consider and assess the IT solutions
for their competitors. This will ensure that it avoids technology that is not going to be productive
to their company.
The third phase is identification of opportunities and issue. Appropriate methodology
should be adopted to develop process models may include high-level views and detailed data
flow diagrams among many others (Basahel & Irani, 2009). Functional areas, process, functions,
and inert process relationships should be defined. The model will be used in identifying the areas
with gaps and to assess the maturity level of the new technology.
The fourth phase is development of an IT strategic plan that will provide an IT strategic
direction (ArcView Associates, LLC, 2009). The plan with include application architecture,
information architecture. IT team organizational structure and resources as well as technology
strategy. The strategic vision is defined then reviewed and strategic options assessed putting into
consideration the IT objectives, resource requirements limitations and business priorities of
The last phase is development of an IT tactical plan that will help in supporting the
implementation of this technology (ArcView Associates, LLC, 2009). Various issues that could
be an obstacle from IT, perspective or business are deliberated and amicable solution provided.
Capacity of the SHA to accommodate this changes in process and business in IT facility while it

serves its customers and operated effectively are considers and deliberated on. Other issues that
SHA would assess include, impact of external entities, whether deliverables and priorities will be
redefined, financial trade off, improved business processes and competitive level among others.
The development plan should illustrate the overall costs, benefits risks and impacts. It
should as well show the alternatives of deployment considered and provide schedule for the
required developments projects and migrations. By adhering to these recommendations,
integration process will be smooth and SHA will be able to achieve its plans.
Marketing opportunities
The airline has an opportunity to expand and accrue higher prices through marketing
initiatives. To ensure that the company remains competitive in the market, it should adopt the
following strategies. One is use the internet to market its services, second is to improve its
services to attract more customers and lastly is for the company to increase its adverts on
traditional media such as television, radio and print media. Internet has become widespread and
many potential customers will be able to access to the company services through platforms such
as social media, blogs and twitter among others. Improvement of services provided is yet another
important market strategy that will help the company attract more customers who require value
for their money. Using traditional media such as TV and radio will as well increase information
supply in the public domain triggering increase in number of customers. These marketing ideas
rhyme with the goals and future objectives of the organization of remaining competitive in the
market. The company, through these marketing strategies will capture huge market base making
it achieve economies of scale that will enable it gain a competitive edge. Increased number of
customers’ presents an opportunity to the company to increase its branches and improve its

services. It will be able to provide better services to the customers and carry out a growth
strategy by expanding in other areas.

Assignment Brief Part B
Before handling this assignment, my knowledge on open source software was limited. I
could not imagine that various software were available free of charge on the internet. As a
business oriented individual, it is important to seek for more information pertaining to the
requirements to start a business. This information is accessible through various platforms on the
internet. Some of these sources are credible and provide in depth information on the best
strategies, technologies, or networks to adopt in doing a business.
In any business, it is required that people innovate and use their skills and knowledge
well to impact positively on their business. Regardless of the fact that open source software is
available, it is not always that this software will work in an entity. It is therefore important to
evaluate the organization needs and capability before adopting such software.
Through this assignment, I must attest to the fact that my level of knowledge about open
source software has increased. I can now operate and even manage a company IT system
smoothly to help it in attainment of their goals and objectives.
I have identified various issues that pertain to this assignment. One is that, it is possible
to get grants and assistance to help already existing businesses to innovate and grow to achieve
their success. This is an opportunity that many people lacks and if they can get such assistance, it
is likely to improve the kind of software they adopt. It is also important for business to seek for

advices and support to enable them engage in their businesses well. This support and advice
widens the scope of thinking of the people in the business and as well may impact on technology.


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