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New leadership theories

For this essay (entry) it is required to maintain a weekly journal, documenting important aspects of
leadership they encounter over the duration of the module. Entries into the journal may include examples
of leadership personally witnessed or insights gained through readings or class discussions.

1)I want 2 entries each one is around 100 words, and each entry is in separate word document.

2)Entries should be placed in a journal.

3)Entries should be based on your learning experience after reading the attached files.

4)You are free to follow your own format as long as it is logically structured.


BL. Entry 1

New leadership theories have emerged that change the primacy of individual leaders. One
of such theories is the co production approach that posits leadership as a collective process.
Leaders need to share with others in their leadership duties by involving everyone in their
leadership role. Some adapt to authentic leadership, as they remain dear to their personal values
and characteristics, others exhibit servant leadership as they prioritize the needs of the followers
before their own. Therefore, distributed leadership model and shared models ensures that leaders
work together. Culture is also important when providing leadership as this promotes shared
meaning making (Allio, 2005). A leader must be receptive of the various cultures when
providing leadership. For instance, my leader adopts a humane orientation as he encourages and
provides reward to his followers.


Reference list

Allio, R 2005, Leadership development: teaching versus learning. Management Decision, vol. 43
no. 7/8, pp. 1071-1077.

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