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Museum Gugging in Vienna

Museum Gugging in Vienna

The view of Museum Gugging in Vienna reveals an outstanding master piece covering an
area of about eight hundred and fifty square yards. Since the year 1960 to date the museum has
been of great importance to Vienna and its environs. The proper structuring of the museum
Gugging provides a very good impression right from the entrance. There are usually quite a
number of exhibitions at the museum which also act as a preserve of history and show of on-
going artistic activities at the site. More than half of Museum Gugging is a very big venue for
different types of exhibitions (www.gugging.at/en/archive/kuenstler-en).

The museum is part of a community that is referred to as Klosterneuburg. It is located in
the woods of Vienna which is about 10 miles from the north-west of Vienna. The location of
Museum Gugging is also not very far from the Institute of Science and Technology in Austria.
When driving a car, one can use the express route from Vienna to Klosterneuburg where he/she
will continue driving towards the direction of Tulln for about 6km through Kierling then to a
place known as Maria Gugging. This where one makes a right turn leading to the woods where
Museum Gugging is.

The Museum has a total of eleven employees all of whom are trained professional, with
the top management being majorly professors in their field of specialization.The employees


include four men and six women, two of whom serve as shop workers. There are usually a
number of activities taking place at the Museum that can in some way be verymotivating to the
workers. These include adult tours within the museum most of which are usually guided. These
tours are programed to take1 hour and 15 minutes for every group.Each group is charged a fee of
€45. Another activity is a workshop for grown-ups. This workshop normally lasts for 2 hours and
each participating group is usually charged a fee of €50. There is also another one which is
referred to as guided tour insights which is basically about talking tourists through the various
rooms of the artists (www.gugging.at/en/archive/kuenstler-en). The maximum number of people
that can be allowed to take part in these guided tour insights is 15 for every session which lasts
for 70 minutes and is usually charged at €15 per person

There are quite a number of Gugging artists whose works are usually presented at the
Museum. The Mona Lisas of Gugging are spread throughout the world out and most of them are
usually showcased in other countries rather than the home county. There are more than one
101masterpieces of art and out of these are Hauser’s Johann most famous images of three
women (www.gugging.at/en/archive/kuenstler-en). These three images are said to have been
returned to their home country Austria after staying in the United Kingdom for more than twenty
years.Another great piece of artist work known as Horacek Effigy is also frequently showcased
at the museum. Horacek Effigy is today the current logo of Museum Gugging. The museum has
conserved a variety of artistic works from renowned artists like Philipp Schöpke, Oswald
Tschirtnerand August Walla among others.
Right at the centre of the exhibition venue is a wonder piece of art by KlingebielJulius
(1904–1965). It is said he was a psychiatric patient who lived a better part of his life behind bars


in Göttingen. This is where he painted the walls of the cell where he had been detained. He came
up with very nice paintings of various animals, humans, landscapes and coat of arms. Walking
through the room where his paintings are, visitors find his work so fascinating and inspirational
at the same time.

Outsider Art

Outsider Art is made up ofself-taught artistic works that have been internationally
recognized. The use of the term outsider art depends on the fact that art is an activity that is
found in all human societies and penetrates institutions, cultural production and even public
galleries. The name outsider art also relies on the fact that it provides people with a thrilling
experience. It is an art that is totally unexpected and in most cases, it is usually has a bewildering
difference given that it is a product of an imagined world of a very creative individual. An
outsider art gives a sense satisfaction to its creator,but seems much hidden and abnormally
creative on another person (Soc, 2009 p.364).
One very important aspect of outsider art is that it is totally different from what other
people expect. This idea was also support by Jean Dubuffet who was the first scholar to
theorizeoutsider art. Outsider art is therefore a very unique form of art because it largely ignores
all the academic and traditional protocols. Rather, it borrows a lot from an individual’s impulse
of creativity,which basically runs from the ways of communication that we are used to. With
such a level of independence, the result is therefore so unique that they can only be perceived as
autistic or non-clinical(Gary, 2012 p.2). This means that outsider arts are usually a very high
level of secrecy in them which are totally unknown and in different to any person who looks at


them. Therefore, those artists that came up with works that depict a lot of secrecy are regarded
as autistic artists(Thrupkaew, 2010 p.32).

Therapeutic governance

The beginning of the 20 th century was marked with a lot of instability in many parts of the
world and as a result there were many conflicting nations as well as groups of nations. This led
to the coming up of international policy as a way of quelling the situation. Other than hunger,
one of the greatest impacts of war and disasters,particularly in the western world was trauma.
The inspiration behind therapeutic governance was therefore drawn from the massive
psychological suffering of the war victims(Social work Research, 2012 p.10). These victims
were so helpless and had serious emotional scars which needed some special kind of intervention
to heal. As a result, behavioral scientists began to use various forms of psychological
interventions to address the challenges that war victims were facing.
As a result of this need, so many people were trained as therapists and counselors to help
victims of war recover from their posttraumatic stress disorders. So many organizations came up
to help in psycho-social interventions. Today, most humanitarian organisations are basically
aimed at coming up with strategies that can manage the psycho-social risks of people. Even aid
officials who have been spotted saying that they don’t engage in psycho-social work have today
been found to adopt various social problems more comprehensively (Mental Health, 2014
p.392). Psycho-social solutions have therefore become a very important part of international
policy and even so, there are disagreements over the exact meaning of psycho-social
interventions or rather therapeutic governance. The bottom line however is that therapeutic
governance has greatly reduced administration politics and has integrated it with welfare oriented



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