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MSP Gantt chart schedule

Theme Park Project

For CP-3, we will leave CP-2 behind and start fresh. CP-3 is a performance review of a new indoor theme park project. You will utilize the provided project information and data to create a new project schedule, which will represent your project at a specific point during implementation. You will load the information and data into Microsoft Project where the data will serve as the basis for project monitoring and control and earned value analysis. The output of the analysis, combined with a control plan, will be used to support the continuation of your project. �

The CP-3 Project Performance Report will be structured with the following sections. �
�Cover page including assignment, project title, course, and student contact information �
�Executive summary summarizing the content from the entire document with quantifiable highlights, such as overall project cost and schedule performance and estimate to completion, and making the pitch to project stakeholders to continue the project �
�Schedule 1 an MSP Gantt chart schedule (required) that incorporates the provided project data, established baseline, and proper review date representing the anticipated 50% completion date �
�Performance analysis utilizing earned value data to analyze the project cost and schedule performance �
�Estimate at completion including a forward-looking estimate of the project completion date and the final project costs �
�Cost and schedule control plan providing a corrective action plan to bring the project back in line with your project baseline �
�Revised estimate at completion including the corrective actions from the control plan along with the resulting cost impact and schedule impact �
�Schedule 2 including revised MSP Gantt chart schedule (required) that reflects the impact of your corrective actions �

Executive Summary

The project is expected to commence on April 14 2008 while the desired date of completion is expected to be on December 17, 3008.The total budgeted costs for the project is $4,449,520 while the initial baseline costs amounted to 4,439,300. The major activities include site layout and grading that is expected to commence on August 14, 2008 and end on 15th October while masonry work is scheduled to take 60 days commencing on July 14, 2008 and it’s scheduled to end on 3rd October 2008. Plumbing and electrical works are expected to commence on September 19 and July 28 respectively. Plumbing works is expected to last for 85 days while electrical works would take 95 days. The installation and training of the Ferris wheel is expected to lasts for 137 days commencing on 14 April, 2008 and ending on October 21 2008.

The reschedule of the project to commence the incomplete work after Oct1 2008, would mean that most of the other tasks would also be deleyed (Lock, 2007).


The Theme Park Project is a project that is scheduled to commence operations on April 14, 2008 and its desired completion date is December 17 2008. The baseline costs are estimated to be $4,449,920.

The Earned value is made up of the Budgeted Cost of Work Schedule, Budgeted Cost of Work Performed and the actual cost of work performed (Ireland, 2006).

The Budgeted Cost of Scheduled Work (BCSW) = Planned Value (PV) (Cleland & Gareis, 2006). 

Actual Cost of Project work Performed (ACWP) = Actual cost (AC)

Budgeted Cost of Project Work Performed = Earned Value.

The Budgeted Cost of ScheduledWork shows the project financial plans and the period when the costs would be incurred.

The Theme Park project has scheduled the activities to be completed before the December 17 2008. However, as per the new date for all the incomplete projects to restart in October 2008, the new completion date would be December 11, 2009 at 5pm. This completion date would be feasible only if the projects that had already started would continue from where the activities stalled. The total days taken would amount to 435 days.

The actual cost of work planned (ACWP) amounted to $2,666,960 while the budgeted costs of work scheduled amounted to $4,439,300 and the Budgeted cost of work planned amounted to $4,429,300. The schedule variance amounted to $10,000.

The baseline costs for the project at 40% amounted to 696,300 while the actual costs for the same period amounted to 2,666,960 (Phillips, 2003). 

YearQuarterBudget CostBaseline CostCostActual Cost
2008 Total 05743002305912.55574300
2009 Total 0122000361047.6122000
Grand Total 06963002666960.15696300
YearQuarterEarned ValuePlanned ValueAC
2008 Total 191268019126801912680
2009 Total 000
Grand Total 191268019126801912680

The earned value amounted to 1,912,680.

Schedule Variance (SV)Earned Value (EV) – Planned Value (PV)0
Cost Variance (CV)Earned Value (EV) – Actual cost (AC)0
Schedule Performance Index (SPI)Earned Value (EV)/Planned Value0

The Gant Chart for the period ending December 12, 2009

The planned value for the project was $4,439,300

To return the project back to its track, all the project activities would be allowed to continue as per the initial schedule. The tasks would commence on April 14 and continue till the scheduled completion date on 17 December 2008.

The actual costs incurred as on October 1st 2008 were 2,666,960 while the total baseline costs for the whole project amounted to $4,429,300. The budgeted costs were $4,449,920 for the whole project. The balance of $20,620 represented a favorable variance (Cleland & Gareis,  2006). 

To ensure completion of the project as scheduled the difference of the total costs of resources between the baseline costs and the actual costs have to be provided.

Cost to completion  1762340 

To conclude, the project would be on a better position if it continued with the original plan to end the project in December 17 2009. Stopping the project and rescheduling the incomplete tasks to commence on October 1 2008 was a bad move as it would result in a lot of crisis.  However, costs are also affected by other economic trend that is existing within a particular region or economy. Other factors that may affect the project are the labor costs and pilferage of materials.

To reduce the costs totally, then additional costs spent on slabs on Grade and flooring together with the additional amounts spent on footings foundation can be recovered by encouraging more production over lunch hours and other overtimes payable in the evening.

Ireland, L.R. (2006) Project Management. McGraw-Hill Professional.

Lock, D. (2007) Project Management (9th ed.) Gower Publishing, Ltd.

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Harrison, F.L. & Lock, D. (2004). Advanced project management: a structured approach. Gower Publishing, Ltd.


TasksTasks 01Baseline CostCostActual Cost
Theme Park 2Theme Park 2000
 Site Layout & Site Grading40009200.115200
 Footings & Foundations28600128600.0128600
 Masonry 60 days312009120031200
 Frames, Columns and Beams208005480020800
 Joists & Roof Deck1560095599.9815600
 Slab on Grade18200318199.9818200
 Rough Carpentry182008820018200
 Interior Studs104001840010400
 Interior Drywall156002760015600
 Custom Theme Painting240003600024000
 Finish Carpentry1020060200.0110200
 Bathroom Compartments / Accessories156075601560
 Hangers & Supports480006000048000
 Pipes & Fittings480006400048000
  Stacks & Vents3000079999.9830000
 Hangers & Supports3000034000.0230000
 Ductwork & Piping3000046000.0230000
 Wiring Devices/Switches/Receptacles128002080012800
 Light Fixtures128002880012800
 Test    5days320072003200
  Mechanicals Complete000
 Attraction Install and Training000
  Ferris Wheel000
  Ferris Wheel to ship24001024002400
 Ferris Wheel Legs & fan install480064004800
 Ferris Wheel gondola install480060004800
 Ferris Wheel MEP install480068004800
 Ferris wheel platform design160020001600
  Ferris Wheel Platform4000100004000
 Ferris Wheel Railing480068004800
 Ferris wheel turnstile240032002400
 Ferris wheel Training8002800800
  Ferris Wheel Certification8001200800
 Ropes course install & Training240009600024000
 Climbing wall install & Training8000400008000
 Carousel install & Training1040022399.9910400
 Bowling install & Training3200017200032000
 Go Cart install & Training36000392000.0436000
 Mini Golf install & Training1200038000.0112000
  Attraction install and training complete000
  Furniture Installation3400474003400
 System and Security Training408080804080
  Final Walkthrough2606520520
 Grand Opening0120000
Theme Park 2 Total 6963002666960.15701760
Grand Total 6963002666960.15701760
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