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Motivational Statement

  1. How your work and/or academic experience are relevant to the programme you are applying for.
    At least one paragraph of the statement should indicate why you feel you are professionally/academically
    qualified to be admitted and successfully complete the programme.

More specifically:

Demonstrate how you expect your experience to help you prepare for the program.

Give examples of how you have dealt with tasks at work relevant to the subject area and how you think
this experience will be applicable to your studies.

Describe your professional progression from the start of your career to date and explain the skills you
have gained throughout this period.

Provide specific examples which relate to particular modules of the program


Motivational Statement

Part 1
Education is critical, as it remain the source of light and knowledge. I cherish education
and this has enabled me to study hard whenever the opportunity comes in my way. I am keen on
achieving my dreams and this propelled me to apply for Master Course in Human Resources
I believe that my academic and work experience makes me a suitable candidate for the
course. I do feel I have met the minimal requirements to allow me pursue the coursed. I have
already pursued a bachelor degree in Mass Communication from the Faculty of Information in

the University of Ain Shams. This opportunity has enabled me to acquaint myself with various
communication strategies that organizations adopt. I have as well managed to acquaint myself
with knowledge on the structures and the functioning of an organization. Furthermore, working
as a Cabin crew in one of the international airlines has enabled me to put into practice my
communication skills. The three years at the airline have shaped my understanding on the
operations of an organization. I have as well gained more skills and experiences in working with
multiple people from various cultural groups. I therefore believe that these backgrounds have
given me an opportunity to shape my skills and knowledge about operations of an organization.
Pursuing this course, will therefore not be a challenge to me.
The experience gained will prepare me for the program in many ways. The experience
has increased my level of confident in the way I respond to issues. I have therefore, gained more
confident in pursuing the course because I now understand the value of the skills I will acquire
through the course. The experience has as well enabled me to interact and socialize with people
from different entities. I have as well learned about the operations and management of
organizations and therefore, I believe that I have adequate knowledge about the course. For
instance, at my work place, I have shown exemplary performance in the way I plan and render
my services. I have shown commitment and worked well as a team member. On various
occasions, I have received awards and recognition for being devoted and organized in the way I
execute my duties. Time management is yet another area that I have done exemplary well. I
believe that my devotion and my keenness when it comes to time management will be of
profound value as I pursue this course.
I developed interest in this area while in high school. I had passion of transforming
people live in the roles I play. I pursued degree in communication to learn more about the art of

communication. I believe that communication is critical in any society. The opportunity to work
at an airline enabled me to learn many things pertaining to the management and other issues
relating to work and employee-employer relationships. One of the things I learned at the work
was problem solving and decision-making. The task required me to think quickly and think smart
something that enhanced my skills in thinking. I also improved my socialization skills especially
through working with people from various communities across the globe.
Part 2
Studying this course was not a decision made in single day. This has been my dream for
years since I was in high school. I was motivated to study in this line because, it was going to
give me an opportunity to serve the people better. I do believe that human resource managers
have the responsibility of ensuring that employees receive better treatment to enable them
perform their duties well.
The program is therefore important to me in the sense that it will improve my level of
skills and knowledge in dealing or managing human resources at an organization. The course as
well will enable me fulfill my aspirations and ambitions in life. I have a dream of pursuing
education to the highest level and this course will enable me move near to my dream.
The program as well will enable me to be a resourceful person in the society. I will be in
a position to influence positively on the society in many ways. I will provide mentorship and
guiding services to many youth in the community. I will also empower the community members
through such programs.
I know the value of learning and as well the responsibilities of a student. As a student, I
have always remained focused in my learning and studies. Understanding the reason for pursuing

the course will definitely make me to remain steadfast during my course studies. I am a good
time manager and this will enable me to attend to all learning sessions. I am also disciplined and
organized. Having worked in a multicultural environment, I believe I will be a good team player
and will work well with my fellow colleagues and professors as I pursue the course.
My career plans are to work in a vibrant and challenging environment in future. I like
challenging tasks and environment. I also plan to pursue doctorate degree upon completion of
my master’s degree in Human Resource Management. The program is important requirement
to give me a competitive advantage to get an opportunity to work in a challenging environment
as well act as a stepping-stone when it comes to pursuing doctorate degree. Some of the aspects
of the program that appeals to me are that, it is offered at considerable cost and flexibility in the
schedules of attending to classes. This therefore, will give me an opportunity to attend to other
things as I pursue the course.

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