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Motivation of workers

As one of the tasks this week is about integrating different types of rewards with performance
management, I would like to share with you two video resources (Pink, 2015; RSA, 2015) providing
interesting perspectives on the subject of motivation.


Pink, D. (2015), The puzzle of motivation
RSA (2015), Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us


PM.COLL.W7. Reply 2

Motivation of workers is very critical to the performance of workers. Many organizations
have devised various ways of motivating their workers to help them increase their level of
I do concur with some of Dan Pink arguments that indeed there are many aspects that
managers do not know about motivation as the scientists do. Motivation strategies should change
in this 21 st century. The traditional rewards that managers use to motivate employees are
outdated and do not impact on the level of performance. Organizations should actually
concentrate more on intrinsic motivation as opposed to extrinsic rewards. Managers should aim
at providing autonomy, mastery and purpose to ensure that employees remain productive.
Employees should have the description to do their duties, they should endeavor to master what
they do and have a define purpose. It is also important for employees to be motivated with better
working environment and incentives such as better pay.
I agree with RSA (2015), that in most cases, many of the people would be motivated if
they get more salaries. Such individuals are likely to increase their level of performance.
However, in instances where individuals have rudimentary cognitive skills, they are less
motivated by money. It is therefore important that organizations understand the needs or the
factors that motivate their employees to ensure they remain motivated and increase the
performance in the organization. It is however, important for managers to provide a conducive
working environment that allows self engagement. Individuals will be motivated to work and this

will definitely impact on their performance. Employees will be more creative and innovative if
they have the autonomy to do what they feel is right.


Pink, D. (2015), The puzzle of motivation

RSA (2015), Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

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