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Managing work overload

This is case study one name Monitor work operations which has two parts need one page for each thanks

500 words

Case Study A

Managing work overload within the hotel industry can sometimes be a daunting task,
especially when the customers are many (Casado, 2011). The customers may end up
complaining leading loss of customers. In order to handle such a large number of clients within
their hotel, the manager needs to plan well into the afternoon. First, they should ensure that
whatever is required within the hotel is availed in good time. This would help to avoid the last
minute rush that would keep the customers waiting. In addition, the manager should prepare for
the afternoon by ensuring that he properly informs the workers of the workload ahead of them.
This would enable them to prepare both physically and psychologically in to handle the pressure
that is ahead of them. In this engagement, the manager needs to talk with the employees and give
them room to make suggestions on how they intend to handle the pressure.
In times of pressure, effective delegation of duties enables the manager to execute his
plans in accordance to the work overload. The manager should delegate the duties among the
worker such that he has maximum control of all the activities taking place at any particular time.
Therefore, the manager should properly select the task to delegate and match it with the right
person for the job. The highly skilled employees should be attached to areas that are very
sensitive and require their expertise. The manager should also encourage leaderless groups and
allow leaders to merge from the naturally in order to encourage decision making. During this
urgent delegation, high risk and highly sensitive areas require maximum supervision and
constant eye check to ensure that all operations run as planned.
The problem within this organization is that their restaurant is fully booked and the
visitors are expected to arrive shortly and they are less prepared to handle them. The problem
becomes more complicated when their expected visitors decides to extend their arrival time,
which makes them to relax and focus on other duties. When more guests arrive, a lot of pressure

is put on the workers and their ability to deliver quality service within a very short period. This
makes most of their customers upset since they are unable to get quality food within reasonable
time. Unable to wait any longer, the customers begin to walk out of the hotel, leaving them with
possible losses as they will not be able to sell the hurriedly prepared meal.
Short term solutions call for the management to set priorities among the employees such
that every one of them knows what to do at what time. They should also manage their time
properly so that no food is presented at their table in the right time to avoid walk out of the
customers. Long-term solution calls for the management to plan their work and hire enough
employees in accordance to the expected workload of the business.

Case Study B

One of the housekeeping problems at Rockstone Hotel is that there are few staff to match
the extensive workload in the hotel. Therefore, the two persons who are responsible for cleaning
the hotel are not able to carry out their duties in required time. Another housekeeping problem at
this hotel is that workload is not properly distributed, making Barney to relax most of the time
between lunch and dinner. In addition, Betty, who acts as the manager of housekeeping services,
is unable to organize things properly such that no problem is reported within the hotel.
In order to assess the staff workload and workflow, the manager should consider the
length of time it takes the workers to complete their time (Larkin, 2009). If they take too long
while working normally, then it is evident that the workers are overloaded.
The options available for Frank and Jossie to improve the situation at their hotel are to
hire more able workers to help the already overloaded workforce. Another available option for

these couples to improve the profitability at their hotel is to procure the services of an able
housekeeping manager to organize operations in a professional manner.



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