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Managerial Accounting

Managerial Accounting Week 1 Assignment

How can Managers use accounting information to make better decisions”?

This question should be complete enough to suggest the development of an important theory,
address a gap in a current model, or demonstrate an immediate application for solving common
organizational problems. Rather than attempting to include as many references as possible, try to
emphasize the logical coherence of your evidence of conceptual foundations. Build an academic
argument for why your research problem and question(s) are important. An obvious extension of your
paper would be to use it as a springboard for a doctoral proposal. Your paper could also be useful for
potential use in the development of Chapter 2 of your Proposal and Doctoral Study Completion.


Topic: How managers can use accounting information in making better decisions
The proposed research will seek to establish how managers can utilize accounting
information to make better decisions. As such, the research question is: How can managers
use accounting information to make better decisions? Accounting information helps the users
in making better monetary decisions. Accounting in general offers business organizations
various kinds of information with regard to business operations. In essence, the users of fiscal
information might be external and internal to the company. The main internal users include
the company owners, staff members, and the management (Florin, 2014).
The chosen topic is important considering that business owners and managers often
face many decisions each business day. Accounting information offers data-driven input to
these decisions. At the moment, there is limited literature regarding how managers could
employ accounting information to make better business decisions. Most studies on the subject
matter are focused on the impact of accounting information as a management tool and how
accounting information systems (AIS) assist managers in decision making. For this reason,
the proposed research study will fill the gap in existing knowledge by looking into how
senior managers of different business organizations can utilize accounting information to aid
them make better business decisions.

Accounting information can help managers to analyze the position and performance
of the company, and take the necessary steps to improve the results of the company (Silviu-
Virgil, 2014). It could as well offer insight on expanding or growing the existing business
operations. It is notable that accounting information is typically presented to the managers as
financial statements, forecasts, budgets, as well as management accounts. Small companies
generally have considerably less fiscal information recorded in the accounting process
compared to bigger companies.


Florin, B. (2014). Development of decision making by managers with financial and
accounting information. Annals Of The University Of Oradea, Economic Science
Series, 23(1), 837-844.

Silviu-Virgil, C. (2014). The importance of the accounting information for the decisional
process. Annals Of The University Of Oradea, Economic Science Series, 23(1), 593-

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