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Management is the process of coordinating all the efforts of a team of people united to accomplish the goals and objectives by efficiently and efficiently utilizing available resources. Management functions include planning, organizing, leading, staffing, controlling or directing an organization in order to achieve its target or goal (Harry, Rosemary, & Sarah 2014) The five basic roles of management are briefly explained below


Planning involves making decisions on the requirements for the future and planning the actions to be taken in advance (Ganesh Murugan 2015).


This is the process of ensuring that all the human and also non human company resources are carefully put into place (Cameron &Whetten 2011).


Coordinating management activities involves creating a structure in which the objectives and the goals of an organization can be achieved or accomplished (Ricky 2010).


The command function in management determines the performance needs and getting people to perform it (Norman 2013).


Controlling involves evaluation of actual performance against the progress targeted through the use of feedback and variance analysis.

The importance of management to the company is that it allows different aspects of management practices that improve the company (Mintzberg 1990).

Encourages Initiatives

Initiative means performing the right thing without being ordered by a supervisor at the right time. Employees have to be encouraged to work on their own and implement their plans. Initiative results in self satisfaction and success among employees.

Management encourages innovation

Innovation introduces new ideas, services, technology or products to the company. Innovation improves a company’s competitiveness and efficiency.

Growth and Expansion

Management ensures that maximum or optimum utilization of the resources that a company has under its management hence waste is limited and efficiency is encouraged. Management encourages team work and also motivates the employees to work harder. Good management principles encourages optimum production while discourages absenteeism or labor turnover. These factors result in diversification, growth and expansion of the company.

Improves the lives of workers

Management provides a good working environment and conditions for the employees. Management provides the workers with financial as well as non-financial incentives hence the workers quality of life is improved (Whetten and Clark 1996).

Improves corporate image

Good management produces quality products and services. These qualities improve the corporate image of the company, its goodwill as well as its public profile. A good image for the company increases its profits and standing in the society.

Motivates Employees

Good management provides incentives that improve employee’s cooperation and willingness to perform better and improve efficiency hence more productivity and profitability for the company (Leonard 2012).

Optimum use of resources

Management ensures that resources are used carefully and the best practices are rolled out to ensure that the products are produced using optimal systems and maximum benefit is derived from the production system.

Management ensures minimum wastage

Good management practices ensure that the company minimizes waste and only the best methods are used in the production process.

Increased efficiency

Effective management ensures optimal returns between returns and costs. Management uses the bets techniques to improve returns and also to reduce costs. High efficiency results in more productivity and profitability for the company (Ganesh 2015).

Improves relations

Management improves relations in and out of the company. Good relations is mandatory between the various departments, individuals or groups in a company just as much as its necessary to promote good relationship between the company and the community around the company (Deslandes 2014)

Encourages team work

Management encourages team work between employees hence improves the team work spirit in the company. This unity is necessary for the organizations success.


To conclude, management serves several functions in the improvement of the performance of a company. Good management principles results in higher productivity and increased profits for a company.


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