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Lingering Thoughts

Lingering Thoughts

Based on ch 13 & 14, address the following in 2-3 paragraphs:

  • Identify 2-3 ideas that resonate with you from this week�s reading in the text.
  • Explain why these ideas are thought provoking for you.
  • Expound on at least 2 ideas you believe will continue to percolate in your thinking and practice over the

long term.


Lingering Thoughts

Two main ideas continue to resonate with me after reading chapter 13 and 14 of the text. After
reading Chapter 13, one of the ideas that still echo with me is the high level of commitment that
new academic institutions have regarding the implementation of reforms that encourage student
learning in a diverse setting. From Chapter 14, I am impressed by the manner in which
contemporary academic institutions are interested in encouraging student learning even after
learners leave school environment (Blankstein, Noguera, and Kelly, 2016).
The idea acquired from chapter 13 is provoking to me because of the uniqueness of the
approaches taken by institutions to promote an inclusive learning environment for all types of
learners. In Chapter 13, the Superintendent of Clayton County Public School has developed a
100-day plan that should be followed by individuals and organizations to implement meaningful
reforms. This plan can be used by today’s academic institutions to execute changes that
encourage for diverse groups of learners. The idea gained from Chapter 14 is provoking to me
because it has helped me to learn how today’s academic institutions strive to extend student
learning even after school. In this Chapter, The After-School Corporation (TASC) Program has
successfully been used to enrich student learning outside the school setting.
The two ideas described in paragraph 1 and two above will continue to percolate in my
thoughts and will influence my practice for a very long time. Based on information gathered
from Chapter 13, I will apply the 100-day plan to implement reforms that encourage equity in
academic institutions. Additionally, by using ideas acquired from Chapter 14, I will take part in

formulation and execution of policies that support the development of after-school learning
programs for students (Blankstein, Noguera, and Kelly, 2016).

Blankstein, A. M., Noguera, P., & Kelly, L. (2016). Excellence through Equity: Five principles
of courageous leadership to guide achievement for every student. Alexandria, VA:
Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development. ISBN: 978-1-4166-2250-5

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