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Letter of recommendation

Letter of recommendation


It is with excitement and confidence that I write to recommend Mr. Chol H. Chae for the
admission to your physical therapy program. I have been the Senior Supervisor in charge of
physical therapy operations in Alpha Rehab centre. Also, I have worked in various capacities in
the Rehab Center, including as a physical therapist and as a researcher in several research
institutions. I have also mentored and counseled many young professionals and career seekers in
the field of Physical Therapy, including Mr. Chae. I hope my opinion of Mr. Chol H. Chae will
be of benefit to your institution as you examine this excellent young candidate.
During my work in my position as his supervisor, I have observed Mr. Chae to be a
committed, self-motivated individual. In doing his work, Mr. Chae has always aimed for
perfection and satisfaction of clients. Chol H. Chae joined our institution in 2012 as a young man
who was ready to learn the craft of doing his job. Over time, Choe has grown career wise to
become one of the employees that patients preferred most. In doing his duty, he expressed
eagerness in learning and improving his abilities to treat his patients better such that he even
requested that I create physical therapy workshops to be held on weekends. I started the classes,
and now they are attended twice a month and benefit several students. I have also known Chol to
be an empathetic individual well suited for a career in physical therapy. Patients have always
dropped positive comments in the rehab centers comment box, saying that he is a listening and
caring person with an interest in their welfare. As a matter of fact, these good traits required for a
good physical therapist have earned him several awards, including an employee of the year for
Concerning his interpersonal relationships, Choe is an employee who was liked by most
of his peers. His ability to be flexible and blend in with different kinds of people earned him the

chance of representing his colleagues in several workshops in which he benefitted in terms of
leadership skills. His colleagues have always reported to me commenting about his professional
maturity and respect to other employees in the institution.
Mr. Chae is a responsible, hardworking individual whose work is exemplary. For
example, I remember one incident in which a man suffering from stroke was brought to the
hospital and was sad and unable to communicate either verbally or nonverbally. Mr. Chae
brightened up the patients face and emotions by using hand gestures and facial expressions. The
patient became more willing to try to communicate, and they soon started exchanging messages
using facial expressions. The patient was so grateful to Chol H. Chae that he decided to send him
a banker’s cheque. Mr. Chae rejected the cheque politely, telling the patient that it was his duty
to ensure he recovered. The incident became a point of reference for the Chief Therapist to other
I know that Chol H. Chae has met all the requirements for your institution as he also
performed well academically. He also has experience and interest in the work that would make
his training less cumbersome. I admire his accomplishments in the two years I have worked with
I strongly recommend Mr. Choe for a position in your program. I look forward to seeing
him become an excellent physical therapist in the future.

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