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Letter of Recommendation

Pastors Name:

Letter of Recommendation For:
To Whom It May Concern:

Period I have known the applicant

I am the pastor of seventh-days Adventist and I have known him for 2 years. I attest to
his good character and recommend him to your institution. I was delighted to hear of his
admission to Loma Linda University which will enable him exploit his spiritual, leadership, and
academic talents.
It is in this first time when I was posted to this church that I knew him. He was a young
enthusiastic and charismatic youth. From the formal introductions, I got to know him by names
but it took me barely 3 months to know him more from his actions. His gradual and steady
spiritual growth has often overwhelmed me which I belief is same to God.
Good interpersonal relationship and commitment to service

He is a very active member in my church and robustly participates in church choir, youth
ministry, and general church developments. This has made him to be selected as a leader in
various church groups like for the youths ministry regionally. He has been a blessing to our
church and the God’s kingdom from his tireless sacrifice. These could be time visiting the sick,
organizing and attending fellowship groups, praying and fasting for the church and the society at
large and even going an extra step of visiting the unreached in hospitals, prison cells or other
His maturity, self motivation and intellectual ability

I normally remember him of a testimony he gave in the church. He said that he had been
admitted at some time back in a hospital and while in his sick bed, he shared the gospel with a
neighbor who was also sick in the next hospital bed. After a length struggle with the
conversation and the sickness, the neighbor asked him if the good lord as he kept referring could
heal them. He told him that since the doctors had treated them, Jesus was now curing them if
someone trusts in Him. The neighbor told him that he had faith in Jesus after hearing the various
miracles he performed. After sometime, the neighbor experienced life transformation and was
eventually discharged. It was only after a day when the neighbor called him and told that was
relieved and energetic. From then, he started spreading the good news of God to others and kept
thanking him of sharing the precious information about God. The scripture from (Romans 15:17-
25) has been his shield and has kept him more energetic to reach the unreached.

His cooperation, integrity and emotional stability

With his great support, we have taken huge steps in bringing the community to light on
cultural ties which does not go in line with our doctrines. He has become a resource since he
understands very well the challenges of modern churches. With his wealthy of knowledge and
guidance of the Holy Spirit he has moved the church through various transitions and is sure he is
leaving it at its stable condition. Despite his age, he has become an oasis of love, joy, and
inspiration to many. This has made him a role model and a mentor to many. His service to God
has been very fruitful here and I believe the same will happen there, as that is my prayer.

His suitability to your institution

Your institution is renowned for their values which are not found anywhere. He possesses
the values and I am confident he will be ready to uphold and cope well with Loma Linda mission
and take the image of the institution to greater heights. I take his coming to your institution as a
mission for I know he shall be a blessing from his spiritual life.
Lastly, I want to reaffirm my recommendation for him to your institution. In case of
anything concerning him, reach me through the above address or phone number. Have God’s


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