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Leaders to motivate a multigenerational workforce

Determining methods for leaders to motivate a multigenerational workforce

Doctoral thesis topic: ” Determining methods for leaders to motivate a multigenerational workforce”
A well-defined research problem points to a method of investigation. For each method, an appropriate
data collection technique should be applied. This week you will begin an evaluation of the doctoral study

you selected from ProQuest, using the doctoral study rubric located at

Documents.htm for comparison. Be
sure you select a completed research study that includes data analysis and data collections sections, not
an article. Consider the doctoral study problem and its relation to the research methodology and data
collection methods employed in the study. Is there an appropriate relation between each element? Use
appropriate references to the course readings about data collection methods to address the following


�What were the data collection methods used for the study? Justify why they were or were not


�Was the research design consistent with the methods chosen?

�What additional items could the author have said about the data collection strategies?
�Do you think the data needed to answer the research question(s) could have been collected
differently�why or why not? What other methods would you recommend and why? If not, why not? This
includes the data collection methods as well as how the methods were conducted or implemented.
�How does the information compare the criteria in the Walden DOC study rubric.
�Add any additional comments for evaluation not addressed above.

Quantitative methods are being analyzed in this paper. The review is about an article
published concerning International Journal of Marketing and Technology (Rajput et al. 2013).
This research is significant in managing a multigenerational workforce because it sheds light on
the contemporary workforce that is so diverse. The abstract starts with an overview of workplace

diversity and the challenge it poses to the management. As much as the paper is quick to point on
self-administered questionnaires that will be used to collect data, it does not say on how
quantitative and qualitative data will be gathered. It also does not state the sample space that will
be used in the study in addition to how data will be presented. In any case, all these elements
should be included in a standard abstract to make it possible for the reader to have a have a clear
picture of what the research is all about. This article, therefore, does not have those standards,
which makes it more inaccurate and even more unreadable. The paper is using quantitative and
qualitative ways examining the intervention measure alongside the general outcome.

The aim of the quantitative approach is to identify variables and theories. The objective
and the hypothesis were defined correctly with visible standard to central variables. Then one
can depend on the literature review, the assumptions, and the theoretical scaffold. According to
the questions and the objectives that are found in this paper are not clear(Arsenault,2004). To
illustrate and come up with research question there was need for literature review it is also used
to determine the correct method of collecting data and construction of critical analysis using the
available data. After the research we can conclude that this researcher were more than interested
in subject of study. I can confirm that workforce diversity presents a serious challenge to
corporate management. The article is a well researched and correctly documented literature
review because it recognizes the work that have been done by different scholars therefore
developing the literature review from informed sources.(Arsenault, 2004). On researching more
about the subject, it improves the understanding of the respect the other scholars had on the

To come up with conclusions that are substantive quantitative techniques had to be
employed with consideration to methods for leaders to motivate a multigenerational workforce.
The study uses a scientific method that is of a quantitative nature to gather systematic empirical
analysis by using either mathematical or statistical approaches. The mathematical model
alongside the hypothesis about this topic that was being researched on was done precisely.
However, the most significant portion of the quantitative research which is the determinant
aspect does not present fundamental link linking the mathematical model with the empirical
findings thus producing the results with the problem. The paper does not give the list of all the
components in an order that can be easily understood as much as it highlights the research
design by issuing the number of participants that were involved in the study. This research
design is observed as important because it gives details on the methods used on data that is
empirically gathered by conducting the survey. Under the section on the methodology the scope
of study and information generation are identified by the researcher. Also, the study uses self-
administered questionnaires to help them get relevant data on some of the methods used by
leaders when it comes to motivating a multigenerational workforce.
Furthermore, the paper demonstrates that there is a significant interrelation between the
variables, any discovery that is unable to disqualify the proposition. In case it is not showing that
it is reliable or valid. For data to be reliable is that the results have the ability to agree with the
degree of information used in the study. Whereas validity refers to ensuring that the result are
related to there appearance that is also important. (Amar, 2004). For a paper to be considered
valid analysis questions are used by scholars while selecting the theory and also the techniques
used in the survey. Following that the disadvantages are not stated in the paper. Every study
should describe the problems discovered while undertaking research.The fact that the scholar

outlines how to reduce the problems that make the study less reliable. AdAdditionally, the
scholar did not tabulate a summary of significant findings. These reviews are valuable in giving
immediate and wide opinions even though the reader does not read the research paper through
and through.


Amar, (2004). Motivating knowledge workers to innovate: a model integrating motivation
dynamics and antecedents. European Journal of Innovation Management, 7(2), 89-101.
Arsenault, (2004). Validating generational differences: A legitimate diversity and leadership
issue. The Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 25(2), 121-141.
Rajput, Namita; Marwah, Preeti; Balli, Ritu; Gupta, Monika (2013). Managing Multigenerational
Workforce: Challenge For Millennium Managers. International Journal of Marketing and
Technology3.2 132-149.

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