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Leaders to Motivate a Multigenerational Workforce

Determining Methods for Leaders to Motivate a Multigenerational Workforce

Determining Methods for Leaders to Motivate a Multigenerational Workforce
Thecurrent generation has proved to be extremely sensitive to the employment world and
this has necessitated various changes and high level of innovation in workplace management. For
managers to succeed in handling fresh minded employeesthat are ever increasingwhile at the
same time making sure that their interests are also taken care of, they must be updated on the
modern methods of management. It should be noted that despite the growing new generation of
employees, the old generation of employees are still very much available and equally require
attention and motivation by the management (Rajput, Marwah, Balli, & Gupta, 2013). It has
been found that striking a balance in the management of this diverse generation of workforce
isan issue that all leaders in the business industry need to worry about (Stevens, 2010). It is for
this reason therefore that the researcher has landed on the topic “determining methods for leaders
to motivate a multigenerational workforce.”
This study will utilize interviews in data collection because aside from giving the
research a chance of build a rapport with respondents, theywill help in collecting a variety of
qualitative data that is open-ended in nature (Roulston, 2010). Two respondents will beselected


for interviewsunder the sub-topic “ways of motivating generation Y employees”. The first
interviewee will be a man aged 59 who is an engineer at a construction company. The selection
of this interviewee is justified by the fact that he has worked for a very long time and has hence
interacted with many colleagues who definitely are from different generations and therefore will
be able give adequate information on what can be done to motivate millenials. The second
respondent will be a lady in her twenties because she forms part of the generation in question.
She will be at the best position to provide information on how employees of around her age can
best be motivated to improve their performance at work.
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