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Interdisciplinary Theory Paper

Number of sources: 5

Writing Style: APA

Type of document: Term Paper

Academic Level: Master

Number of Pages: 5 (Double Spaced)

Category:   Nursing

Language Style: English (U.S.)

Order Instructions:

Activity: Compose a five page scholarly paper (excluding references) addressing the

criteria below. Support your analysis with scholarly references in addition to textbooks.

Introduction: (3 points)

Identify the interdisciplinary theory you have selected.

Discuss the origins of the theory.

Describe how the theory has been utilized in the past. Provide examples.

Summary of the theory: (5 points)

Scope: Describe the central thesis of the theory.

Context: Describe the nursing metaparadigm concepts addressed by the


Content: Describe the unique concepts of the theory.

Application of theory to healthcare. (5 points) Justify the use of the theory for a

specific setting or project. (Refer to Butts & Rich pp. 663-666)

Description of the setting in which the theory will be applied

Pragmatic adequacy (utility in real world of nursing practice)

Social meaningfulness (clinical significance, meaningful for practice)

Feasibility (evaluation of resources)

Compatibility with practice situation

Writing Style(2 points)

Graduate level writing is required. The paper should be well organized

using correct grammar, spelling and APA format.

An abstract is required

References must be current and include scholarly journals

The turnitin originality report must be submitted with the paper.

This assignment must be submitted via Word Doc in the appropriate submission

folder for grading. The assignment shall be submitted on or before the due date.

Late assignments will lose 2 points per 24 hour period. The assignment will be

graded according to the Interdisciplinary Theory Assignment Grading Rubric.

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