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Integration of Repackaging into an Organizational Function

Integration of Repackaging into an
Organizational Function

Define how repackaging can be integrated into an organizational function. At a minimum, you will
need to:
Define repackaging for the organization
Explain how your organizational repackaging will be differentiated from the competition
Explain the level of organizational support necessary for success


Integration of Repackaging into an
Organizational Function

In Silayoi and Reece (2005) the choice of a customer to buy a certain product is
reliant on what message the good relays at the point of buying. This is true if the shopper had
not earlier planned to purchase it or is not swayed by the potential of the product to be
suitable for its intended use. Packaging is the combination of messages, colours and designs
on a product that conveys information regarding the product. It is a vital element when
choosing which product to buy as it speaks to the consumer at the point of purchase. A form
of marketing technique, packaging effects the view and opinion of consumers and is essential
to the high sales of goods in an organization. Repackaging is the replacement of a current
package into a new one.
As stated by Regattieri and Santarelli (n.d.), a product success in the market as
compared to other products is most times tied to its packaging. The product package is to be
environmentally conscious that is it should be reusable, recyclable and utilize minimum
material; this sets it apart from others. In addition less weight and low volume of a package
limit the extent of transportation and main factors in selecting a particular good. Also how
easy to handle the package is contributes to high sales of a product. Various sectors of a
company play a part in the packaging of a good. Sales and marketing department is
instrumental as is it the faction that aims to increase the sales and have also reviewed
previous reception of a given package and can speak from study on the different forms of
packaging. In conclusion despite a package a product needs to fulfil its requirements to stay
relevant to the consumers.



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