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Increasing Growth and Competitive Advantage

Increasing Growth and Competitive Advantage

INGLOT, during search I found that you already have term paper on INGLOT, like below question

  1. Outline firm-level (micro) and country-level (macro) factors contributing to the development of
    INGLOT�s competitive advantages and discuss their sustainability.
  2. Develop INGLOT�s strategic plan for the next five years with a concrete outline of recommended
    geographical expansion, business model evolution and product diversification.

Increasing Growth and Competitive Advantage 2

Contents 2
Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
Micro and Macro Environmental Factors facilitating Competitive Advantage 4
INGLOT Five Year Strategic Plan (2014-2018) 7
Executive Summary 7
Mission Statement 8
Vision Statement 8
Values 9
 Customer focused 9
 Integrity 9
 Initiative 9
 Teamwork 9
SWOT Analysis 9
Strengths 10
Weaknesses 11
Opportunities 11
Goals 12
Conclusion 13
References 13

Increasing Growth and Competitive Advantage 3

Executive Summary

Internal and external environmental factors are very important for an organization which
needs to explore new markets and facilitate growth. This project looks at the case of INGLOT,
and analyses how it can enhance its growth as a result by strategically planning and looking at its
environmental factors that have so far given it its current competitive advantage. In the micro
environmental factors, suppliers, customers, and consumers are considered. These are the major
contributors to its competitive success so far. Economically, INGLOT has also been at an
advantage because it is financially stable, a factor which many companies have been longing for.
There is a sample five year strategic plan for INGLOT, which will be effective in ensuring that
its goals are met.


The competitive advantage of a company is usually supported by many factors available
in its internal and external environment. Some companies are blessed with some features that are
not present in others. If these factors are used effectively, the company will be in a better
position to be at an advantage. INGLOT, from the case study, is one company that has had the
opportunity of being at an advantage better than its competitors. Unfortunately, this competition

Increasing Growth and Competitive Advantage 4
is very stiff, and to ensure that it is not overthrown from its position in the market, INGLOT will
have to adopt a few changes by engaging in geographical expansion, evolving its business
model, and diversifying its products. These are some of the measures, which will ensure that
INGLOT’s competitive advantage is maintained or improved, but not any other way. Therefore,
this paper champions the thesis that geographical expansion, business model evolution and
product diversification are major players in enhancing a company’s competitive advantage.

Micro and Macro Environmental Factors facilitating Competitive Advantage
Micro Environmental factors
The micro environment of a company is represented by the suppliers, customers,
employees as well as the competitors. These are the factors which can have an effect on the
performance of a business. INGLOT is a company which managed to greatly benefit from such
factors as their competitive advantage was increased due to their presence. The company’s
cosmetic products were in high demand, as a result of this great presence of customers; the
company had a better competitive advantage since it could chose to either extend its presence in
one of the over 40 countries, or penetrate a new market anywhere in the globe (Fox 2010). This
micro factor presents an opportunity for better competitive advantage since it provides many
opportunities for the company to increase its profit margin. When there is a very high product
demand, the company may decide to increase prices and act as the price setters since it is already
clear that the loyalty of consumers is achieved. This advantage it has over its competitors makes
it difficult for the latter to price their products higher than that of INGLOT (Ming-Jer, Kuo-hsien
& Wenpin 2007, p. 104).
The company has managed to appear as one of the best in producing quality and most
innovative cosmetics. This factor has resulted to a high number of suppliers who want to be

Increasing Growth and Competitive Advantage 5
associated with INGLOT. Suppliers will want to become partners with a company which is
performing at its peak as this will also mean a high profit margin on their part. If a product is in
high demand and is among the top in the industry, the suppliers see a great opportunity for high
sales with bigger returns (Fox 2010). This high number of suppliers who wish to be partners of
INGLOT has also enhanced the company’s competitive advantage since it has the chance of
having more than enough suppliers, most of the other companies struggle to find suppliers who
are willing to take their products to the consumers. The availability of many suppliers gives
INGLOT an opportunity of choosing from the best performers, so that it can be guaranteed that
the products will sell and not just be stored (Matwiejczuk 2013, p. 268). From all the
applications received from suppliers who want to be franchisers for INGLOT, approximately
95% are declined. Unsuitable experience is one of the many reasons why suppliers are turned
down (p.1). New stores whose owners are not experienced in the industry may not perform so
well since it takes time for them to catch up with issues such as effective decision making and
marketing strategies.
INGLOT requires a distributor who will also take extra steps to market the cosmetic
products so that the consumers will increase. INGLOT is a global business whose products are
distributed far and wide. Some new markets may not be well familiar with the products, which is
why the supplier needs to have the necessary skills to facilitate effective marketing so that the
sales are increased (Mizuki 2014, p. 78). Underfinanced business plan also contributes to an
application of franchising being declined. It is worth ensuring that the supplier has financial
security as this is what will guarantee that they can deliver as expected. It can be frustrating to
realize that the supplier who a company relied on has gone out of business for financial reasons.
This is a major setback as the company will have failed its consumers by not providing the

Increasing Growth and Competitive Advantage 6
products needed. Some suppliers are declined because the position of their stores is not
appropriate. Products need to be within easy reach for consumers so that they can be displayed as
well. INGLOT also gained its competitive advantage as a result of the media. INGLOT never
paid so much attention to media advertising as this was considered expensive and ineffective.
Fortunately, the products of this company still became famous and were positively discussed
over many forms of media.
The competitors also contributed to its competitive advantage through various ways. In
this industry, the customer segment is characterized by a desire to acquire high quality products
at affordable prices. There were many innovations which were facilitated by the introduction of
novel products which ensured skin comfort, unlike the previous products. Hence, product
differentiation is very important for a company to get a competitive advantage over the others. A
factor that puts INGLOT at an advantage is that it knows of all competitor activities. By knowing
what the competitor is planning, how it plans to react to certain changes in the environment, and
some of the challenges it faces, INGLOT will always be a step ahead.
Macro Environmental Factors
As an international business, INGLOT is also faced with various political macro
environmental factors. Fortunately, despite all these factors, INGLOT still manages to be at the
top since it has many stores all over the world. The taxes charged for the distribution of these
products to other parts of the world will therefore be recovered through a sale of products at a
profit (Henrekson, Johansson & Stenkula 2010, p. 278). Not all countries have similar policies,
therefore, it may be expensive to distribute in one country, and very cheap in another. This is a
step which INGLOT has chosen to take so as to benefit from all angles. This company has
always financed its growth from internal cash flow only. Therefore, it does not depend on

Increasing Growth and Competitive Advantage 7
stakeholders to any extent. This is also a benefit which improves its competitive advantage since
most of the competitors depend on stakeholders for financial support. This is a proof that this
company is financially stable and can therefore deal with economical challenges effectively
(Şeitan 2014, p. 77). This stability is very important for any company which wishes to grow and
prosper. This is why, whenever INGLOT wants to open up a new store or simply grow its
product base, nothing financial will stand in the way.

INGLOT Five Year Strategic Plan (2014-2018)

Executive Summary
INGLOT is a cosmetic company which was started in communist Poland back in the
1980s by a young chemist, Wojciech Inglot. At this time, the vision of this young chemist was to
offer consumers a range of affordable cosmetics prepared from the highest quality ingredients.
This factor was completely absent in Poland even after years of centralized socialist planning.
Today, after many years of operations and supplying quality cosmetic products, this company
still finds the need to try and make various changes here and there. There are three major factors
which are required: geographical expansion, business model evolution and product
Mission Statement
To always be the leader in the production and distribution of highest quality yet
affordable cosmetic product all round the globe.
Vision Statement
Within the next five years, this organization intends to become one of the most treasured
innovative leaders in the industry, creating dynamic partnerships that will enhance the growth of
beauty in vibrant communities.

Increasing Growth and Competitive Advantage 8
The mission and vision statements were created along with the participation of company
staff and stakeholders as well. A factor which was unexpected was how overwhelming the
response was. Generally, the mission statement translates to mean that when INGLOT achieves
the highest rank in the industry, the position will be maintained at all costs. The products
provided must always be of high quality and still be made affordable to all different communities
in the world. Not all countries are of the same social status, hence when offered the products
with the same level of expense, it may not work. The vision statement, on the other hand, is a
look at how INGLOT hopes its future will turn out to be. This company hopes to be the best
when it comes to innovation. It hopes to be the producer of new yet comfortable products for
consumers. With the help of dynamic partnerships, the company will be in a better position to
offer the products directly to the consumers.
These are the company principles that are meant to govern staff behavior and how
business is conducted. The authority of INGLOT is expected, in the next five years, to
demonstrate the following values, internally and externally in equal measure.
 Customer focused: Products must always be delivered to the customers on time.
Employees are required to treat each other, as well as each and every customer with
respect. If a customer presents a customized idea which may seem off, the employee is
expected to politely offer suggestions without ruining the company’s reputation.
 Integrity: All the activities of INGLOT must be ethical, trustworthy, and honest. There
must be a clear indication on each cosmetic product and the type of customer it suits.
This may be in terms of skin color, skin texture, and other similar factors. The ingredients

Increasing Growth and Competitive Advantage 9
used in the production of the cosmetics must also be honestly indicated in the packaging
so that the consumer will be aware of what is present in the content.
 Initiative: The Company must always be willing to take risks. For example, expanding
stores by entering into a new market is a good example. It may be unclear of the
performance but if there is potential, then a risk needs to be taken. In every organization,
problems are bound to occur. This company will always address such issues by dialogue
and coming up with solutions.
 Teamwork: Collaborations will have no restrictions, and can therefore be internal and
external. Strategic partnerships and relationships will be encouraged as these will
eventually benefit INGLOT.

SWOT Analysis

To be able to plan for the future effectively, this company must also acknowledge its
strengths and weaknesses.

The first point is how the company depends on its internal cash flow to grow and
develop. Financial stability is efficient and advised for any company. The current economic
conditions affect almost all companies, and the few who have the chance to become stable must
treasure the factor (Şeitan 2014, p. 78). The recession has really affected many countries; hence
many are still struggling with it. INGLOT, on the other hand, benefits since it can easily access
adequate resources to run its business operations. For example, inventory needs to be maintained
so as to ensure a timely supply of the required goods. A company which is not stable, but instead
relies on stakeholder support cannot do so become it is not clear when the finance will be
available. Business requires sufficient funds to make payments to their employees and managers.
Without enough payments, employees will feel underappreciated and thus the company will have

Increasing Growth and Competitive Advantage 10
trouble maintaining its skilled human resource. Without employees, the performance of a
company is also affected, and this may lead to great losses.
Another strength of this company is its differentiated products which are also in high
demand. When a product is in high demand, it is clear that it will definitely be appealing to
consumers since they are the ones who need it. A high product demand gives the company a
better opportunity to charge fairly higher prices without affecting its customer base. This
increases the overall profit margin which will be beneficial for the company. INGLOT has
already expanded its operations to the international level. This is also another reason why it has a
better opportunity than other companies. By going international, it means that the company will
be dealing with more customers than in the usual country level. Hence, there will be more sales
which will ensure a faster return for the products.

Weakness for this company is that is that it does not pay much attention to traditional
methods of advertising. Advertising is a marketing strategy which has proved effective for many
companies. This is because it continues to inform the public of the product along with its benefit
which is unique to what other companies have to offer. Not investing in such an option is really
affecting the performance of INGLOT because the numbers of people who know about it are not
as much as it should be if advertising is used.

This company enjoys opportunities presenting themselves daily. With the availability of a
large customer base, this company enjoys an opportunity for growth in any country it prefers.
Along with the presence of financial stability, this company has a better chance of actually
exploring these new opportunities in the unexplored markets. Many regions around the world
have not yet been exposed to these products. Since they are of high quality but are offered at

Increasing Growth and Competitive Advantage 11
cheap prices, chances are high that it will prosper. Therefore, there is a better opportunity for
INGLOT to continue its growth and cover all of Europe. Africa also has a lot of growth
opportunities. INGLOT is already established in countries such as South Africa and Libya.
One of the threats of this company is the presence of taxes, which may be required during
the process of distributing its products to other countries. Then again, not all policies are similar
in the countries. Certain types of products may be very expensive compared to others. Such a
difference in product taxation can pose a great danger to the profit margin of this company
especially because policies change from time to time.

The goals of this organization are numerous; however, the major ones within the next
five years are three. One, INGLOT hopes to have achieved a geographical expansion by around
50% of the untouched regions. A properly managed geographical expansion ensures that a
company reduces costs, gains a better access to new untapped markets, gains a better position in
acquiring required talents, and fuels a company’s growth (Etgar & Rachman-Moore 2010, p. 8).
This is why INGLOT will strictly follow this plan. The scenario will be assessed to ensure that
all factors are clear. Not all scenes, which present an opportunity for the business, will be
successful. To ensure that the project does not fail halfway, it is better to first look at various
important factors, which will affect the company products. If everything seems to be under
control in the chosen destination, then the project can now take place.
Second, INGLOT hopes that its current business model will have evolved into something
that is more sophisticated and effective. Although the current business model is profitable, it is
still important for it to evolve so that its profitability is maintained. During this evolution, a
business can easily fail if it was not well prepared. There are three reasons, which may cause a

Increasing Growth and Competitive Advantage 12
business model to evolve, including technology disruptions, commoditization, and competition
(Nisa & Ravichandran 2013, p. 94). Competition is the major player and contributor to the other
two reasons. When competition is very stiff, a company finds an urge to evolve so that it is
always at the top of its competitors. This is why INGLOT wants to evolve. Therefore, the first
step for this evolution may be by enhancing product differentiation. Although this is already
effective, it needs to be taken to the next level by ensuring a diversification of all available
products (Hutzschenreuter & Horstkotte 2013, p. 710). Thus, consumers who have unique
desires will frequently find what they need. Another way is by creating room for a start of the
creation of new kinds of products which are not yet handled by the company. There is a very
wide range of cosmetic products which can also sell better when associated with the other
products of INGLOT (Makadok & Ross 2013, p. 510).


With the help of the strategic plan, INGLOT will be better prepared to act accordingly so
as to ensure that the focus is not lost. A SWOT analysis is also important because it ensures that
the company is aware of the factors making it be at the top, and those which are threatening that
position. The operations of a business need to be in line with its mission and vision statement.

Increasing Growth and Competitive Advantage 13


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Increasing Growth and Competitive Advantage 14
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