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Implement and monitor WHS policie

Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative
WHS Breach of
fresh cheese co (aust)
pty ltd- background

• Began in 1988 by Paolo Facchino –
Italian immigrant who conveterd
own garage to small cheese factory
• First Australian manufacturer of
high quality, fresh Mediterranean
style cheese – bocconcini, ricotta,
mascarpone, feta, mozzarella, and
• In 1998 Fresh Cheese Company was
formed after Mamma Lucia cheese
Merged with Puglia cheese

• Company has 20 year history of
dedicated and passionate service of
creating high quality cheese.

FRESCO breach of
• On 06/11/2014 FRESCO breached
Guarding  Occupational Health and
Safety Act 2004  21(1)&(2)(a)&(e)
• Training and working instructions
were lacking for the lock out and tag
out and electrical isolation of
cleaning machines

Consequences –
compensation costs

• Pleaded guilty against two charges

  1. failing to maintain plant –
    pursuant to Section 21(1) and
  2. and failure to provide above
    information – pursuant to
    section 21(1) and (2)(e)

Paid $10,000 as magistrate courts fine

Rehabilitation details

• Required to adhere to Work Health
and Safety (Mines) Amendment Act
2014 No 71
• Had to maintain plant ;

• And provide training and working
instructions for the lock out and tag
out and electrical isolation of
cleaning machines

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