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Human resource management

Communication skills, persuasion, public opinion, communication theories, personal style and
analyze, social psychology, public relations


Human resource management is one of the functions in an entity aimed and
maximizing employee performance to meet the strategic objectives of the employer. Human
resource is about managing people by focusing on policies and systems. Human resource
department undertakes various activities including employee recruitment, selection, training,

performance appraisal, development and rewarding (Anca-Ioana, 2013). They are as well
responsible for industrial relations that entails balancing organizations practices and
regulations that results from collective bargaining and government regulations. This therefore
indicates that indeed HRM relates to other disciplines/subjects.
HRM relates with different subjects in many ways. Some of the subjects that relates
to HRM include, persuasion, communication skills, communication theories, public opinion,
personal style, social psychology and public relations.
Communication skills are concerned about one’s ability to express their opinions and
views. Communication allows people to share their views and is something that happens
every time in people lives (Anca-Ioana, 2013). Understanding the way people communicate
at personal, group and organizations level is essential in any conversation. Human resource
managers must be good communicators both orally and written. They must understand
various forms of communication such as verbal and nonverbal and the situations under which
such communications occurs. Furthermore, they should have good listening skills and
understand the barriers of communication to enable them communicate well. HRM must
engage with their employees, employers and other stakeholders in many ways. This
engagement can only succeed if HRM have better communication/ negotiation skills.
Therefore, these skills are relevant and essential in the operations of the HRM as they
contribute in their achievement of their goals and objectives.
Persuasion is the art of convincing people to buy ones ideas or views. Persuasion
requires an individual to understand the strategies to use in their communication skills.
Persuading other people to do something is not easy and it requires to employ certain
strategies such as presenting the advantages of taking certain actions over the others,
articulating issues objectively and providing rewards among many others (Anca-Ioana, 2013).

Human resource management need to poses persuasion skills to render their duties well.
Human resource encounters different situations that require them to persuade their partners to
achieve their goals. For instance, when negotiating for salaries and other benefits, human
resource are required to persuade the employees to receive the packages set as per the budget
to avoid employee resentment or go slows. HRM as well should have these skills when
engaging in collective bargaining with other stakeholders such as government and even their
Members of the public have their opinions concerning decisions and policies that
organizations pass. Their opinions may rhyme of vary with that held by the HRM
management of an entity. It is important for the HRM to consider public opinion on certain
policies or regulations to avoid conflicts and disagreement during their implementation
(Anca-Ioana, 2013). HRM therefore are expected to solicit the views or opinions of the
members of the public when proposing change. For instance, when HRM wants to change the
time of reporting and leaving workstations, they should seek opinions of the stakeholders
before instituting this change. This will ensure that the systems operate efficiently without
any disruption, as people will be convinced and aware of the changes.
Communication theories provide an understanding of how communication happens
between the sender and the receivers. These theories ensure that communication is
understood. Some of the theories include, Shannon and weaver, two-way communication
theories among many others. These theories provide a description of the way people
communicate and the barriers encountered hence improve the concept of communication.
These theories are important in HRM as they help them to understand different situations
when communicating with others parties in an entity.

People have different personalities and personal styles in terms of how they carry out
their duties, their knowledge, their abilities and scope of skills and understanding. At an
organization level, HRM must understand these styles to be in a better to assign roles and
duties to employees. Understanding this style is also essential when negotiating on various
aspects that concern the organization.
Social psychology is another important subject that HRM must appreciate. Social
psychology concerns how people have socialized and how they perceive things based on this
socialization. The way people view things differs because of their bringing and environments.
Therefore, it is important for HRM to understand the different social orientation and thinking
of the people, they work with in an organization.
Public relation is a broader field that impacts on the field of HRM. Public relation is
concerned about establishing mutual relationships to build mutual beneficial relationships
between the entity and the members of the public. Public relations, is an art and social science
of analyzing trends, predicting the consequences. It also involves initiatives of counseling
organizational leaders and implementing planned programs of actions for the benefit of both
the entity and the public. Therefore, this means that public relation involves conducting
research to come up with tangible information on the various trends. Public relation as well
enables the practitioner to provide counseling services for the leaders and implementing
appropriate actions to benefit the entity and the public. Human resource management, require
public relations as they execute their duties to be able to analyze trends, predict the
consequences of the actions they take and as well to provide counseling services to
employers and employees. They as well implement actions or decisions that benefit the
organizations and the other stakeholders.

In conclusion, it is apparent that HRM borrow on various subjects. The human
resource management requires various skills and knowledge to execute their duties diligently.
They require to have different skills such as communication, skills, persuasion skills,
understand, communication theories, personal styles, social psychology as well as public


Anca-Ioana, M. (2013). New approaches of the concepts of human resources, human resource
management and strategic human resource management. Annals of the University of
Oradea, Economic Science Series, 22( ): 1520-1525.

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