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Huge Company helping small business to grow

Research  how the huge corporate companies should be encouraged and motivated so that they can help the small businesses by equipping them with the needed resources and skills to grow.

The huge corporate companies should be encouraged and motivated so that they can help the small businesses by equipping them with the needed resources and skills to grow. In this regard, one of the avenues through which the small businesses may benefit from the big ones is corporate social responsibility (Rahman, 2013). The aim of this research is establishing if huge companies utilize corporate social responsibility in empowering the small business, and if this is not the case, how this would be accomplished. Hence, this research’s topic is identifying the role corporate social responsibility has in empowering the small businesses.

            Problem statement; this research’s intention is establishing the aims for which huge corporate use their CSR/ CSI programs, with specific reference to how and if they use such programs for the empowerment of small businesses, and in addition, to acquire ideas for expanding such investments (Ionescu, 2013).

Three research problems

            The first research problem is establishing the aims for which huge corporates use their CSR or CSI programs. Without doubt, the huge businesses never lack CSR programs. However, while some have these as a norm so that the communities can embrace them, others have them for totally different reasons. Therefore, it will be necessary to evaluate why these programs are incorporated in companies (Wolf, 2015).

            The second research problem is identifying ways on how the huge corporates use CSR/ CSI programs in empowering small businesses. This will help in establishing if small businesses benefit from the huge ones as far as CSR is concerned.

            The third research problem is gathering ideas on how such investments can be expanded. Considering that these programs are ultimately beneficial (Agarwal & Agarwal, 2015), how can they be expanded for maximal benefits?


            Small businesses would be able to achieve a lot if they had a chance of learning from the huge ones. Therefore, this research study aims at exploring how this can be achieved.


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