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HRM practices

Annotated Bibliography
Annotated Bibliography

Provide three additional references related to your Doctoral Study topic in annotated bibliography format
and synthesize these three references into a component of the doctoral study rubric (ex. Nature of study,

literature review, etc.)


Snape, E., & Redman, T. (2010). HRM practices, organizational citizenship behavior,
and performance: A multi‐level analysis. Journal of Management Studies, 47(7), 1219-1247.
This paper examines the link between human resource practices, as deciphered in the
workplace level, and individual attitude and behavior of an employee. The study used North-East
England as a case study and found out a positive relationship between HRM practices and
organizational behavior. The research synthesizes with the existing empirical knowledge by
seconding job influence and opportunity as the impact of human resource management on
employee attitudes and behavior.

McClean, E., & Collins, C. J. (2011). High‐commitment HR practices, employee effort,
and firm performance: Investigating the effects of HR practices across employee groups within
professional services firms. Human Resource Management, 50(3), 341-363.
The authors in this piece of research examined the relationship that exists between high
commitment HR practices and firm performance by employee effort. This piece of research adds
to the ongoing debate on the notion that HR practices ought to be applied to all the employees
working in a particular firm. The paper found out that there is a positive relationship between
firm performances because of employee efforts. Further, the researchers found that this
relationship arises from the value the employee provides to the firm.

Alfes, K., Shantz, A., & Truss, C. (2012). The link between perceived HRM practices,
performance, and well‐being: The moderating effect of trust in the employer. Human Resource
Management Journal, 22(4), 409-427.

This research paper examines the relationship that exists between perceived Human
Resource practices and trust in the company on employee performance and well-being. The
researchers looked into the relationship between the perceptions of HRM practices on job
performance. The researchers concluded that there existed a positive correlation between
perceived HRM practices and employee performance but not on organizational citizenship

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