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HR Policy Development

You might identify an organisation where you currently work (or have previously worked); it may be an
organisation in which you have set aspirations to work at in the future; or it may simply be an organisation
with which you are familiar e.g. Apple, Google, Coca Cola.
� What are the key elements to consider in writing a new HR policy, or impacting upon existing policies?
� What have you learned from the module content and further readings that you would keep in mind
when doing this?
� Which of the authors have informed your views on this and why?

HR Policy Development

This paper seeks to establish the practical approaches Apple Inc can employ in
developing HR policies. HR policies are a set of written procedures that guide the manner in
which a wide range of organizational issues are handled through the incorporation of descriptive
principles that define the responsibilities and the rights of the managers and employees. The
paper will use Apple Inc. in determining the manner in which HR policies are developed.

Key Elements to Consider In Writing a New HR Policy

Apple Inc is one of the largest American multinational organizations that develops and
markets computer software’s, electronics and personal computers, with its best-selling products

including iPhone’s Macintosh and iPads. The key elements that the organization needs to
consider in the development of a new HR policy would include:
Management Support
In developing a new HR policy, it is essential to have the support of the senior
management in the development and modification of the organization’s policies, especially in a
case where these policies relate to the behaviors of employees (Creelman, 2015, pp.16). The
modeling and endorsements of these policies by the senior management of this company will
result in the staff’s capacity to take these policies as important.
Staff Consultation
The development of policies at Apple requires the involvement of staff members since
this would ensure that stronger understanding and awareness is promoted (Ostroff, & Bowen,
2016, pp. 197). The involvement of staff members on the other hand will help in establishing
how these policies may be applied and the manner in which unintentional outcomes of these
policies may be managed.
Defining the Terms of the Policy
Apple would need to be explicit in defining the terms of the new policy to increase the
employee’s level of understanding. This would require the HRM to clearly explain to the
employees the acceptable and unacceptable practices and behaviors in the organization (Ostroff,
& Bowen, 2016, pp.198). For instance, an employee may be deemed as unfit for work when
under the influence of alcohol, especially when the alcohol content in the blood exceeds the
specified levels.
Publicizing the Policy

The organization should ensure that these policies are publicized and given to the
employees, and should be written in English that can be easily understood by the workers (Guest,
& Woodrow, 2012, pp.115). To ensure that diversity is embraced, some copies need to be
translated into the appropriate languages of the employees who reside from different cultures.
Regular Referrals and Training
Apple would ensure that the developed policies are explained to its staff members
through training sessions, inductions and staff meetings regularly to ensure they are relevant with
them (Guest, & Woodrow, 2012, pp.116). This should be enhanced by making sure that the
policies are available and manuals are easy to be accessed within the organization’s intranet

The Aspects Learned in this Module

Some of the significant elements I have learnt in this module include the manner in which
policies impact the performance of several businesses. This is attributed to the fact that solid and
effective HR policies enable an organization to take actions in improving the poor performance
of employees and avoiding inappropriate claims of dismissal. For instance, Armstrong (2014)
informs my view by alleging that an organization that fails to have an absenteeism policy may
result in unethical ways of terminating its employees without cause instead of relying on its
policies to inform its approaches in managing performance issues (pp.18).
The implementation of HR policies requires an organization to place efforts that ensure
its productivity and success are achieved. This clearly details that the implementation of HR
policies is an integral element for organizations and HR professionals who are required to initiate
appropriate strategies that support an organization’s direction (Armstrong, 2014, pp.19). In order

to achieve this, the HR practitioners need to develop an organization’s strategic vision that
directs the organization in meeting its objectives.
Lastly, I learned how to support diversity within the workplace through the inclusion of
HR policies. As detailed byArthur, Herdman, & Jaewan, 2016who informatively impacts my
view in relation to this, the need to develop, support and maintain an effective culture that
embraces diversity remains essential in enabling the employees realize their full potential
irrespective of their color, race, age, disability, religion, creed or ethnic origin (pp.420).
Organizations have the task aimed at ensuring employees are treated in a fair manner through an
approach that upholds their respect and dignity, an aspect that can only be achieved through the
initiation of policies that define these elements.


As established, it is critical to establish that the functions of HRM remain essential in the
running of an organization’s function effectively (Chadwick, Super, & Kwon, 2015, pp.365).
Organizations such as Apple Inc. need to ensure that policies are developed to enhance their
activities and practices.



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Affect High-Performance Work System Adoption And Implementation Effectiveness’,
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EBSCOhost, viewed 9 June 2016.

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