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Hiring employees

You need to do a background research on your topic/ startup to start the project.

You must write 1000 to 1500 words excluding references and appendix.

use Times New Roman font,
size 12,
1.5 spacing /
use normal margins/
attach a RMIT cover page with all group members names and student id/
attach a copy of the rubric.

Keep a copy of your submission.

Jury’s Inn Hotels  2

Draft Resolution
The board is advised to consider hiring employees from all works of life without favours
to local employees resulting to diversity during employment and variety of skills being brought
to the organization.
Executive Summary
The main issue affecting Jury Hotel is not committing to foster diversity during
employment. The problem started when the company began giving priorities to employees from
within the region especially on junior posts as a way of giving back to the community (Jury Inn
Group Ltd. 2015). This has raised concerns especially with labour union which fights for fair
treatment to all applicants. If the issue is not resolved immediately it’s imminent that the
company may lose some of its clients especially when words gets out that we are practicing
discrimination by the fact that we employ more locals (PT Freeport Indonesia, 2013).
Information leaking out would damage our reputation in the eyes of our esteem customers who
trust us and are loyal. An employee from outside the locality may not be motivated because they
may feel discriminated because they are not from the location where the most percentage of
employees comes from (Jury’s inn group ltd, 2014).
The jury Inn in its policies states that diversity exists during employment however they
have gone against it by engaging in a CSR activity that compromises the stated policy (COSTA
(2016). By giving priority to local employee’s means that the company is going against the set
guideline followed by many organizations including our competition (Jury’s inn group ltd,

Jury’s Inn Hotels  3
2014). This, therefore, will mean that we may lose customers who will prefer to book a room
elsewhere because of our little hitch in CSR. Our major stakeholders especially those supplying
us will raw materials may fall out because they would not like to be associated with a company
especially when it’s seen to going against the set guidelines.
The board is requested to consider employing employees from other regions other than
those where the Inns are situated. This can be done through including both the locals and those
from other regions by advertising with current mediums that will ensure we get diverse
candidates to be interviewed. The many local employees in our different Inns should be
transferred or reshuffled to ensure that no one will lose their jobs at the end of the day. This will
ease the imminent trouble brewing within the organization (Jury Inn Group Ltd. 2015).
Future employment should not give priority to the locals as a corporate social
responsibility because in essence employing people from the same locality may pose the
challenge for them to easily regroup or strike especially when a small problem like wage arise in
the organization. Bringing issues affecting them into the organization might paralyze Jury
operations (Subway IP Inc. 2017).
Implications on non-action and of the recommendation
Jury inn has over 34 inns in total. Assuming that the company considers employing from
other regions will raise the image of the organizations among its customers and other
stakeholders that partners with us in most activities (Jury Inn Group Ltd. 2015). Saving even one
or two customers from all of our locations will ensure that we do not lose business when chasing
a Corporate Social Responsibility that raises questions on or commitments to diversity during
employment (Judy, Randall and Fevzi, 2007).

Jury’s Inn Hotels  4

List of References

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and Metals) and the Sustainable Reporting Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative

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