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Group dynamics and group awareness.

Group principals in the movie The Breakfast Club

This will be submitted through a system that checks for plagiarism. Assignment is to explain the
different group aspects of group counseling seen in the movie The Breakfast Club. Examples of
group principals, stages and roles were mentioned for the paper.

The Breakfast Club

The movie The Breakfast Club by John Hughes focuses on the lives of five students at a
fictional high school in Illinois. Although they have different traits and personalities, one thing

they have in common is a nine-hour Saturday detention at the school library. With their different
personalities and situation, at hand, it is evident that various group principals, roles as well as
stages manifests come out throughout the movie.
After watching the movie, The Breakfast Club, it is evident that Mr. Vernon initiates the
group principle. In that case, the main principle of the team is to work together in writing the
essay about “who they think they are (Hughes, 1985).”Moreover, behavioral principles emerge
as the team develops especially whenthey decide to show respect for other member’s opinion
(Oemig & Gross, 2015). For instance, all members accept and abide by Claire’s requestof
reaching a group consensus (Hughes, 1985).
Stages of group formation
First, there is the formation stage where members of the group act discreetly with their
behavior which is mostly driven by their desire for acceptance(Oemig & Gross, 2015). Also,
there is an element of conflict and controversy as members start to form impressions and
understanding of each other. For instance, Bender showcases some sense of conflict by being
hostile towards his classmates (Hughes, 1985). Consequently, he suggests that they close the
door and force Claire into having sex with them. Besides the forming stage, there is an element
of a storming stage involving high tension and competition. Forming is evident from how the
group harass each other and even go to the extent of fighting.
From the forming stage, the group is seen cooperating and integrating which is clear from
how they are communicating openly and bonding (Oemig & Gross, 2015). For instance, they end
up getting open with each other and reveal their secrets. For example, Allison comes out as a liar
while Brian and Claire reveal how they feel about their virginity. Lastly, there is the performing

stage where the group puts aside their differences and work together (Oemig & Gross, 2015).
From the movie, the performing stage is evident from how the group spends time together
loosening up and playing music together. More importantly, there is a consensus of the group
which comes due to Claire’s request,and Brain agrees to write the essay on behalf of the group.
Group Roles
Group roles are crucial activities or rather responsibilities of individual members of a
group(Oemig & Gross, 2015). In the movie, roles come out clear at the end of the movie when
the team members achieve a consensus. For instance, Claire takes on a leadership role where she
is able to coordinate the team members and finally makes them reach a consensus(Hughes,
1985). Also, Brian realizes that he can write and in doing so, he takes on the role of writing the
essay on behalf of the group.
In conclusion, The Breakfast club clearly showcases different traits of groups from the
formation stage to how they are able to achieve consensus. With a performing team, it is evident
that a groupis able to realize the capabilities of different members including skills, talents as well
as life experiences. In the event, it is quite easy for the team to assign roles to different members
as well as bond after adjourning.


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