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God and everyman

Reflect upon “Everyman” and share how this literary piece can be used as a Christian witness or
salvific tool to fulfil the Great Commissio

Identify the title and character(s)this piece and begin with a cogent thesis statement; offer detailed
support and show control over the topic.


Reflection Upon

The main characters are the messenger who happens to be the writer, God and everyman
who is anybody on earth. The discussion about the different sins committed by man on a usual
basis is provided. Man is drowned in his worldly pleasures and death is send upon the earth by
God to remind them on the importance of following the teachings of the Lord. The various traits
that an individual is supposed to poses are also listed. The traits are good characteristics in order
for individuals to avoid death. The traits are well set for individuals to forget the pain brought
about by death. Through death, people are in a position to identify the basic importance of being
well behaved within the society. The saving of people is made possible because of the fear odd
death. Individuals will also greatly adhere to the teachings of the Lord (Tymieniecka, 2012).
It is possible that man incorporates a certain set of behavior. Among the listed good
attributes is the importance o being kind, the need for fellowship, not being after material
possession, the importance of good deeds, the importance of knowledge, the importance of
confession, having the right strength, discretion and the five wits. Human salvation is all about
the integration of the above factors. They need to play an integral part in the ultimate saving tool.
The traits are also important in building the correct concept in building the right Christian
witnesses. The right Christian witnesses will be essential in the fulfilling the great commission
(Wasserman, 2008).
Conclusively, it can be accounted that the role played by having the right traits is critical in the
human life towards Christianity. Death is the ultimate punishment that God sent in the world to
set the correct human behavior (Carlson, 2008).



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