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Fundamental ESOL education,


The Consent Decree is the framework of the State of Florida for compliance with a
number of state and federal regulations and jurisprudence with regard to the teaching of
English language learner students (Florida Department of Education, 2016). One particular
area of the META Consent Decree chosen is Monitoring Issues which is under Section V.
Analyzing the school’s ESOL program procedures pertaining to Monitoring Issues, it is
determined that the school is doing successfully in the following areas:
 The school has properly complied with the employment of essential qualified human
resources/staff including educators as stipulated in Section Five;
 The school is in compliance with the provision of fundamental ESOL education,
home language and ESOL instructional approaches in the fundamental subject areas,
ESOL teaching in the fundamental subject areas, and home language teaching in

fundamental subject areas, as well as execution according to the accepted and
permitted plan for services to LEP learners (Florida Department of Education, 2016).
 Furthermore, the school uses approved adapted or district developed test procedures,
assesses proficiency in English language reading and writing, and assesses English
oral/aural language proficiency;
 The school has properly complied with Florida Educational Equity Act as regards
equal access.
However, there are some areas in which the school needs to improve on. These areas of
improvement include the following:
 The school is not in proper compliance with establishment and functioning of LEP
students involvement. Improvement can be effected by the school through
establishment of Parent of LEP students participation in accordance with the
 The school has not carried out home language survey satisfactorily. For improvement,
the school should carry out the home language survey and collect every student’s
national origin data and retain that data (Florida Department of Education, 2016).
On the whole, the school district abides by the agreement conditions – the requirements of
Monitoring Issues – and the achievement of students in this school is greatly improved owing
to the implementation of guidelines.



Florida Department of Education. (2016). Consent Decree.

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