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Fashion Marketing Plan

Fashion Marketing Plan

(overall strategies we are going to use)
in this 550 words should be included:

100 words of Environmental analysis (PESTLE) – ONLY Environmental

50 words – executive summary
all the rest – Marketing strategies

This essay should be written about new just fabled by our tutor app “fashiON”.
If you will have any questions about this essay, please ask.

Executive summary
Marketing is the lifeline of any business enterprise. This has seen most organizations investing
heavily in various types of marketing. This paper looks at the various marketing strategies


employed by fashiON. It unravels that in the wake of decentralized technological systems, most
companies have embraced social media, mobile marketing, differentiation and product
positioning to penetrate the market.

Environmental Analysis
FashiON’s physical location is critical variable because of the effect it has on the business. While
the UK has been devoid of natural calamities and even forest fires, an aspect that makes it
environmentally strategic. However, the increase in floods, raging snow storms and the
incapacity of the local authorities to prepare for extreme weather condition may hurt sales (Hall,
2011). For FashiON to maintain client trustworthiness and escape negative backlashes, it should
seek to lessen ecological impact in terms of reduced waste, proficient transport operations as
well as entrenching moral sourcing guidelines. Disparaging consumer backlashes can stem from
the failure to meet consumer expectations.
Marketing strategies
SWOT analysis


The main strength of FashiON is flexibility and positioning. Nevertheless, positioning is the
primary challenge as there are other products in the market. Therefore, the firm should use an
attractive element to market FashiON.



Some of the weakness the app is likely to face include; technical and costs involved in
developing it.


Some of the opportunities associated with this app include; compatible with every software;
convenience aspect such that informs users of the nearby clothing shop; and also gives users the
opportunity to book for clothing item and pay later.


Threats that are likely to affect FashiON include intense competition in the sector, in particular
from Zara app, Urban outfitters among other.
Ansoff matrix
Market penetration
Considering that this is a new app, market penetration will help in leveraging the company’s
available capability. Market penetration is suitable for meeting the objectives of fashiON since
it’s least uncertain.
Market development
Market development will help the company to differentiate its app from its competitors while
increasing the app’s competitive advantage. Much as market development is risky, it will be vital
for fashiON in terms of looking for markets for the app.
New product development


Product development is important as it will help the company to effectively position the app in
the competitive fashion industry. In addition, product development will be paramount since it
will be suitable as the app is concerned with reaching a particular client segment. Therefore,
product development will help fashiON to leverage its abilities through creation of the app to
reach its target client (Michael and Salter, 2006).
Diversification will be an appropriate strategy for fashiON because clients preferences are based
on product features. Moreover, this will help the product to compete with its rivals. In other
words, diversification this app in different features will puzzle clients thus exposes the product to
the market. Generally, diversification will help in gaining a foothold in the fashion sector and
reducing overall risks associated with the app.
Porters’ five forces
Supplier Power

This will entail assessing how fashiON suppliers will increase the cost of the app. This will
depend on a number of factors such distinctiveness of the app.
Buyer Power
Involves the ways customers are likely to reduce the cost of the app. This will rely on the number
of clients, significance of each client. Therefore, if the company will be dealing with few but
powerful clients, it will be in position to state terms.
Competitive Rivalry
This factor is concerned with number as well as ability of rivals. Owing to the fact that fashiON
has many rivals, but the app is distinct it means that it tremendous strength over its competitors.


Threat of Substitution
This factor entails clients’ ability of finding a different technique of what the company offers.
(Porter, 1985). This being a distinct app, it can easily be substituted; but this app cannot be
substituted therefore, chances of weakening its power are less.
Threat of New Entry
This element is influenced by the ability of other firms to enter the fashion market. Considering
that fashiON has robust barriers that is the app is compatible its likely to preserve a favorable
position and benefit from the same.

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