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Family Genogram

Family Genogram Project

Creating Genograms
The following are questions to consider in creating a genogram. Review your personal history and
the people, existing support systems, or events that may have influenced you.

  1. Who lives in the household? Where do other family members live?
  2. How is each person related?
  3. How do other family members view you?
  4. What are changes that have occurred in the family?
  5. Has anyone else lived with your family? When? Where are they now?
  6. Are there any family members who have had a medical or mental illness of any kind? Who are
    they and how are they related to you? When did the problem(s) begin? What kind of treatment was
    helpful for them or available to them?
  7. Are there any family members who are very close? Friends who are close? Who are they?


  1. Which members help out when you need them?
  2. How do you get along with each member in your home? In your family?
  3. Whom do you see as the strong one? The weak one? The sick one? The bad one? The mad
    one? The one with all the problems? The dominant one? The submissive one? The successful
    one? The failure? The warm one, cold one, caring one, distant one, or the selfish one?
  4. Has anyone in your family had serious medical problems? Who and what did they have?
  5. What roles have you played in your family?
  6. How did the family react when a particular family member was born? When a particular family
    member died?
  7. Are there any family members who do not speak to each other or who have ever had a period
    of not speaking? Are there any who were/are in serious conflict?
  8. Are there any family members who are extremely close? Who helps out when needed? In
    whom do family members confide?
  9. What sort of issues occurred between the couples in your family?
  10. How does each parent get along with each child? Have any family members had particular
    problems dealing with their children?
  11. Any job changes? Unemployment? How do you like your job? What is the economic situation?

Family Genogram Project
Upon reviewing my case records for this project, I observed several shared characteristics
due to every nature and nurture. The traits regarding scientific problems, like most cancers or
alternative conditions associate degreed disorders are effects of nature and biology anyplace as
long run marriages is an instance of nurture, given a specific surroundings. Musical abilities and
competencies could fall in among every nature and nurture that i could be able to make a case for

later. I located the function patterns charming inside the method that they arranged during the
generations and also the certain sides at some point of which they occurred to happen
themselves. The additional representational traits are in spite of everything unpredictable; but
those characterized by using nurturing environmental impacts don’t seem to be as spread and
extra positive.
Characteristics of every nature and nurture subsided certain as households grow and
amplify. Nature additional as a consequence because of the fusion of genetic in reproduction that
happens as soon as families amplify. The characteristics that exist at intervals my family that a
consequences of nature are: heart circumstance, Diabetes, bladder troubles, Blue eyes, girls,
problem 5 (blood disorder), and top. Heart condition has been on my dad’s facet of the own
family for the reason that my extraordinary grandparent died of a coronary heart failure. My
grandparent conjointly had a coronary heart failure however sooner or later passed on to the
great beyond of cancer. My auntie accompanied this pattern with coronary heart condition and
these days had a heart transplant. Polygenic disorder conjointly runs thereon explicit side of the
circle of relatives.
My grandparents, had instances of it that exceeded on to quite one in every of their
children so finally leading to both of my sisters have delicate types of the malady. Once it entails
the bladder, I’m pertaining to the necessity for its removal in lots of cases on my father’s side
likewise. At the start my notable grandparent tremendous grandparent had his bladder burst.
Then my grandparent had the equal element appear that then led to my father being pressured to
the purpose of getting his removed in surgery. The blood dyscrasia that comes from my mom’s
side of the family is called problem 5. It’s a blood dyscrasia that doesn’t permit our blood to
skinny out natural as it has to. This specific ailment wasn’t discovered to be in our own family

until regarding three years past once my auntie clearly died from a massive grume in her leg that
traveled to her coronary heart. At that time numerous family members began to urge tested for
this disorder solely to get that my grandparent, my mom, and my 2 sisters don’t have any
heritable this extraordinarily disease likewise.
Naturally, I’m a tall feminine. One explicit cherished one which I seem to share this with
is my auntie. Her brother is moreover tall tremendously likewise as my father, grandfather, and
brilliant grandparent. Another feature this is obvious in my case records is eye coloration. A
dominant eye color is maximum undoubtedly present in my family. Everybody in my instant
own family, and even my sisters’ daughters, have blue eyes. My grandparents, cousins, aunts and
uncles principally all have blue eyes. This is frequently definitely a feature/trait that exists,
through nature, amongst many relations. The ultimate characteristic in my venture, that appears
to be a effects of nature, is that the undeniable reality that we’ve got such a large quantity of
girls! As i mentioned earlier, the extra families increase by each wedding ceremony and
additionally the manufacturing of offspring, the much less sure certain traits are because of the
presence of every other genetic set of traits coming back from another circle of relatives.
The intercourse of a infant is maximum positively unpredictable however as soon as it’s
miles-famed will maximum surely encourage be the effects of a sample. In my own family’s
case, we tend to are smart at having girls, and here recently cannot seem to try to do something
apart from without a doubt that. My begetter had four sisters; however the extra obtrusive read is
from my mother’s aspect. My mother became one in each of 2 girls. Her sister had 2 girls and
my mom had three. Even extra these days is that the undeniable fact that every of my sisters has
had daughters in the last 12 months, one being eleven months preceding and additionally the
alternative clearly three weeks. This fact nevertheless seems terribly captivating to Maine

specifically thinking about that every of my hassle-in-legal guidelines are one in every of three
boys in every in their families.
However in every case of dedication of the intercourse in nature, the female sex genes
appear like winning out additional lately. Once it entails characteristics of nurture, those
specially cannot be misplaced as soon as viewing my genogram mission. Some of these traits are
origin of birth (Georgia) and religion (Christianity). All four of my pleasant grandparents on my
mother’s side have been born and raised in Northern Georgia anywhere they raised their kids that
have been accompanied by using my grandparents raising my mom and her sister there. My
auntie eventually married and stirred to north geographical area wherever she currently increases
her lady; however my mother decided to remain and lift her own family within the identical
space at some stage in which she turned into. My father’s facet of the circle of relatives is that
the equal technique except my granny being born and raised in Newfoundland, North American,
USA . Anyplace she met my grandparent in conflict II United Nations organization brought her
to Georgia to marry her. When subsidence again in Georgia, my grandparents grew their family
by way of having six youngsters, the youngest being my father.
All six of their youngsters rose each in their households in North Georgia likewise, that
outcomes inside the rationale that i used to be born and raised in North Georgia. My own family,
on either side, has conjointly been raised with strictly Christian values, that has evidenced to
personal been carried on thru many generations even additional returned than the 4 exemplified
at intervals this mission. These traits mentioned on pinnacle of are an end result of nurture due to
they have been no heritable given the environmental influences in the course of which anybody
that makes up this huge own family became cultivated. I’ve got left the characteristic of track
abilities and skills for remaining due to, in my view; it is a result of every nature and nurture.

Naturally, I believe, you’ve got were given to turn with the energy to carry out a selected device,
in addition to the voice. Once possessing this innate capacity, it are frequently nurtured or
cultivated in incredibly express surroundings, reckoning on what is schooled and careworn at
periods the context of a circle of relatives.
Therefore, you may be able to certainly own the electricity, however to apply it to its full
potential, it must be nurtured. All in all, this assignment has enabled Maine to exercise session
wherein those patterns of function lay at periods my family’s history whereas, on the same time,
having the capability to renowned but the function of environment has prompted my family.

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