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Exploratory Factor Analysis.

Analysis and Synthesis of Prior Research

After reading the article, respond with your own thoughts in an edited, three-paragraph, formal academic

peer review. At a minimum, be sure to include the following elements:

� Assess the conceptualization, analysis, and synthesis of key research concepts presented.

� Evaluate the extent to which a Presenter has addressed the elements from the Learning Objectives for

this two-week pair.


Conceptualization, Analysis, and Synthesis of Key Research Concepts
As determined in the review, the writer synthesizes the accumulated knowledge on the
topic and emphasizes the essential research questions that have not been sufficiently covered by
other research inquiries. Additionally, the author of also develops theory, ensures that the
knowledge of the i8s synthesized and an evaluation is provided for substantive methodological
advances, a factor that develops inference into the analysis of the empirical study(Perdana, Robb,
& Rohde, 2015). A critical summary of the previous studies in this area are also reviewed thus
providing new conclusions into the subject area.
The presenter on the other hand addresses the elements of the learning objectives as
determined in the two-week pair. In this, the presenter capsulates highlights the essence of
conducting the review based on the specified research questions, the description the related
variables and the manner in which the related variables in the study would be included in the
research study(Plonsky, & Gonulal, 2015). This therefore determines that the presentation
captures the cohesive summary of the required concepts within the paper. However, the presenter
does not adequately provide an efficient evaluative approach for the implications of project
portfolio management.
It is therefore essential to note that the presenter provides a meaningful academic
argument in some areas that demonstrate the fluency of the comprehensive concepts identified in
the study. Through the analyzed literatures, the presenter identifies some of the related
hypothesis for the study that needed a careful approach into the application of an evaluation

criterion(Seal, & Ye, 2014). It is therefore essential to determine that presenter needs to generate
new approaches and ideologies on this area through the development of an effective evaluation
method for this research study.



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Research in Academic Journals. Journal of Information Systems, 29(1), 115-153.
Plonsky, L., & Gonulal, T. (2015). Methodological Synthesis in Quantitative L2 Research: A
Review of Reviews and a Case Study of Exploratory Factor Analysis. Language
Learning, 659-36.
Seal, W., & Ye, L. (2014). The balanced scorecard and the construction of a management control
discourse. Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change, 10(4), 466-485.

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