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Existing Quantitative Studies


For this paper, the writer will have to reference to 113193 and also 113153 and other past papers
in the past 4 weeks which pattern to this topic as the are all continuations in one way or the other. The
writer will have to pay very close attention to all instructions as he write this paper, making sure that he
fully understand what is require . Take note of the doc that is require to be attach together with the paper,
so please read the instructions carefully before responding to the questions. the writer must also attached
the brief synopsis of the quantitative studies he found as a “.doc” or “.rtf” attachment to the paper that he
will be writing.

Existing Quantitative Studies

Return to your Literature Review and peruse the quantitative studies you found for additional resources
that pertain to your topic (Employee job satisfaction and productivity). Conduct additional searches
through the reliable sources for relevant studies that either pertain directly to your topic or that pertain to
related topics and could inform a quantitative study of your topic mentioned above. Perhaps these studies
provide a model, research instrument, framework, or hypothesis that inform your own evolving thinking.

Post a brief synopsis of the quantitative studies you found as a “.doc” or “.rtf” attachment. For each entry,
provide the full APA citation, as well as a brief paragraph explaining the contribution the study makes to
your own topic, either directly or tangentially. In the text of your paper (to which you will attach your
synopsis), introduce and summarize the quantitative studies as a collection, and post at least two
questions that will elicit suggestions and further responses from your colleagues.


Employee productivity and job satisfaction have become a common area to carry out the
necessary research required for studies. Many research methods are adopted by those involved in
the study to present the desired findings and results. In this case, the quantitative method is
selected to research more about the study topic. The quantitative study will help in the
acquisition of more information on the relationship between employees and employers (Feldman,
2015). Impacts of the relationship on the productivity of the employees will be investigated. The
quantitative method provides the framework, instruments and methods that will clearly expound
how the relationship will influence the job satisfaction in various companies (Hair et al, 2015).
The main research objectives by following the quantitative method include prediction,
description and explanation. The results will provide insight and adequate information to answer
any hypothesis formulated before commencing the study (Feldman, 2015).
The quantitative study identified to relate to the topic had the following objectives,
provision of a baseline on the best strategies to ensure employee productivity, monitoring the
changing and influencing factors of job satisfaction. To measure the effectiveness of benefits,

remuneration perks, close relationships and quality payments on the employee job satisfaction
are vital in the quantitative study method (Choudhury & Friedman, 2015). The study would
survey the following critical issue including identifying barriers affecting the job satisfaction and
productivity. Identifying different ways to enhance more job satisfaction that ensures there is
high employee retention in firms by adopting effective strategies. To identify the effect of
employee attitudes towards the high productivity at work is also crucial in the study. The
research will also identify the best payment strategies adopted as forms of compensation to
increase employee productivity (Feldman, 2015).
The quantitative study identified to relate to the given topic necessitates a well-planned
survey. The quantitative study has adopted a well-defined methodology to ensure a smooth path
to get correct results. A total sample of 500 employees will be selected for participation in the
benchmark survey. The participant will hail from randomly selected firms in a given area. The
responses got from the respondents will act as answers to questions or the hypothesis formulated
for the study. Both the employees and employers will be selected for participation in the study.
Interviews and questionnaires will be used to collect data required in the study. In the
quantitative study identified, the response rate stood at 75% that is good for the research
(Feldman, 2015).
The summary findings were carried out and analyzed using the statistical correlation
method. The quantitative method gives the empirical measurement of levels of job satisfaction
about the existing relationships at work. The responses indicated that the stronger and closer the
relationship between employees and employers the higher the level of job satisfaction. A good
relationship triggers employers to care more and handle workers issues more seriously. Findings
show that encouraging innovativeness and development of a good workplace culture are vital to

increasing work productivity as employers will develop a more positive attitude to their working
environment (Choudhury & Friedman, 2015).
The study results show that compensations and benefits contribute to the high levels of
job satisfaction. The statistical method adopted shows some strong correlation of well agreed
upon strategies to the job satisfaction and employee productivity (Hair et al, 2015). The
following strategies were proposed to influence higher productivity including better training of
employees, introducing the use of machinery and changing safety practices. Job satisfaction will
be improved using better compensation methods, better payments and benefits to workers
(Feldman, 2015).
The study provided some more insight into the topic on employee job satisfaction and
productivity. It does this by providing the framework and methods suitable to conduct better
research on the topic. The main purpose of quantitative study adopted for more research on the
topic is the test of hypothesis, studying effects and making predictions (Hair et al, 2015).



Choudhury, S., & Friedman, M. (2015). A study of employee satisfaction with HMO services at
a historically black university. In Proceedings of the 1996 Multicultural Marketing
Conference (pp. 81-84). Springer International Publishing.
Contribution: This paper was important in providing necessary background information
on employee satisfaction. The tools used in researching the topic on this paper also provided
insights on how to go about in doing the quantitative research of the research topic. The paper is
also useful in future for providing insights on data analysis on the research topic.

Feldman, K. J. (2015). A Quantitative Study on Faculty Workload, Compensation, Retention, and
Job Satisfaction (Doctoral dissertation, NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY).
Contribution: This doctoral dissertation was well researched and helpful in providing
information about the variables that can be studied when doing quantitative research about
employee satisfaction. The conceptualization of ideas and development of the necessary

variables is superb and helpful for this study. The article will be useful also in future to be used a
benchmark in this study when looking for the dependent and independent variables to be used for
researching on our paper.

Hair Jr, J. F., Wolfinbarger, M., Money, A. H., Samouel, P., & Page, M. J. (2015). Essentials of
business research methods. Routledge.
Contribution: This book is important for this study as it provide the necessary
background information about the essentials of business research methods. The knowledge about
business research method is important for the study as it provides insights on what should or
should not be included in the study.
The study also provided some more insight into the topic on employee job satisfaction
and productivity. It does this by providing the framework and methods suitable to conduct better
research on the topic. The main purpose of quantitative study adopted for more research on the
topic is the test of hypothesis, studying effects and making predictions

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