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Evolution of the media industry

Basically, you will need to read 10-12 pages and answer the questions below in an essay form please.
1- Statement of the issue – one or two sentences.
2- Review of the authors arguments – one or two paragraphs stating at least three major points made by
each author.
3- Comparison of arguments – at least one paragraph contrasting what each author had to say.
4 – Your opinion – at least one paragraph explaining either
a) why you agree with one of another, or
b)why you disagree with all the authors.
5- Discussion Question – an open ended question that you derive from the readings.

Statement of the Issue

According to the authors in these literatures, the central theme that stands out is the
evolution of the media industry. The authors therefore address some of the areas that have been
impacted by the advent of internet.

Review of the Authors Arguments

The first author takes a look at the element of future political journalism in which he
describes the manner in which people primarily depended in the newspapers and the broadcast
television networks as their sources of information(Norton, 2014). Cable news therefore emerged
in providing an alternative to the already existing forms of media. However, the rise of the
internet in the 1990s resulted in a dramatic change in communication technology, a factor that
has seen the social media networks receive much attention in the presentation of opinions. The
changes in communication and technology have therefore wrought different changes in political
practices and the manner in which people learn about the government.
Paul Star in the next article articulates the manner in which newspapers are taken for
granted. The newspapers according to him remain the center of American politics, culture and
business. This author therefore denotes that through newspapers, people are in a position to
determine the welfare of the state and determine several elements within the civil society(Norton,
2014). However, the advent of the internet has changed the manner in which information is
dispensed within the society. This therefore points out to the fact that there has been a decline on
the newspapers that has been superseded by the growth of the internet as a source of information
with this impacting how people receive information.
On the other hand, James Fellow through his literature points out on the effective
approaches directed towards saving the news. It is essential to note that this author alleges that
the news business is being killed considering the fact that Google is fighting to bring this back to
life(Norton, 2014). Googles power in this case is viewed as the creator or the destroyer of the
newspaper industry. One of the things that stand out for this author is in the number of
newspaper subscriptions that are made in each and every household that is quickly falling, a
factor that is ascribed to the founding of different communication technologies.


Comparison of Arguments

It is essential to consider the fact that all of these authors argue their cases out on the
power on the communication technology within the society. The first author considers the
manner in which the society entirely depended on newspapers and cabled news in providing
information and news about the factors that revolved around the society(Norton, 2014). The
author depicts the manner in which the old forms of media that included pamphlets, newspapers,
and the radio and the television dominated the era of ascendency. However, the author depicts
the fact that the advent of the interned turned around this factors.
Paul Star on the other hand depicts the manner in which newspapers are today taken for
granted. He gives a historical background stating how the newspapers remained an important
tool in the American society that would inform the community on several elements. The author
therefore laments that the advent of the internet has changed this factors into a new regime that
discredits the old forms of communication.
James Fellow also ascertains the effective approaches directed towards saving the news.
According to him, the advent of information technology has killed the news business with google
trying to fight this back. However, the author alleges that Google may turn out to be the
destroyer or the creator of the newspaper industry.
In my opinion, these authors therefore depict the manner I which information and
technology has eroded the older forms of information and technology. They therefore give their
opinions on the old forms of communication approaches and their advantages during the period.
However, they fail to understand that the globalization of the world has changed the manner in
which communication is dispensed today. It is in my view essential to consider that the changes

in technology are to the advantage of the society since this has made work easier and information
so first to get. The society would wait for some time to read the newspaper and grasp information
about an issue. However, in this dispensation, there is access to information at the click of a
button, a factor that has broadened the manner in which the society views things.


Norton, (2014).The Enduring Debate. An Empirical Investigation. Journal of Management
Information Systems, 28(3), 45-84.

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