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Question one.
Honesty, trust, integrity and fairness are important factors to consider when determining
the level of a company’s ethics.
Question two

Ethics 2
Honesty is a core ethical aspect which leadership must possess as it guides employees
towards achieving a common goal. A company whose leaders are honest will provide the
organization with a good sense of direction and quality management in conducting business
practices. This reflects that such an organization considers business ethics when conducting
business (Shin, 2012, pg.87).
Integrity is able to reach all the personnel in their job aspects. Personnel with greater
integrity are able to bring forth the trust relationship between them and their potential clients or
customers, their fellow co-partners in the organization and lastly their supervisors. Personnel’s
value their employees in order for them to offer a true and fair feedback. This means that the
client is able to trust the employees, supervisors will be relying on the employees cord of
conduct, and last but not least been the company is in a higher position to trust the employees
from creating problems, (Carroll, &Buchholtz, 2014, pg.52).
Trust is the key to the company operation and every individual who are operating within
the company. Everything done must be of true and fair view in order to help the organization
meets its objective.

Question three
Company ethics and values must be congruent to how employees are treated, business
environment and lastly to the rules and regulation of the company. For example, every employee
must be of higher integrity while handling company operation. This will increase the quality of
doing business due to the employee’s honesty, truth, and fairness, to mention but a few. In return
this will increase the company competitive position.

Ethics 3

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