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Establish Networks & Develop Teams and Individuals

Establish Networks & Develop Teams and Individuals

  1. Identify two (2) potential development needs for three (3) of the employees.

Succession Training

This involves identification of the employee by the company who has managerial skills and
incorporates the employee in day to day running of the company to sharpen those skills. This
ensures that there are always new managers to succeed the company in future. As such, this
prevents the company from outsourcing managers. This is exhibited in Tim is who is an
extremely popular employee who is always willing to help others and pass on any knowledge

Supervisor Contact

This involves strengthening the working bond between employees and supervisors. This
approach enhances productivity and on-the-job training. The Supervisors who take the initiative
to spend some time with the employees each day give very valuable advice to the employees.
John has delegated the role of advising the employees concerning their morale at work to Trish.

Customer relations

There is need for Lee to get more training on customer relations because of the nature of her
work. She has the obligation of answering calls, and welcoming visitors, administration duties
and this requires that she train in soft skills to render her services well. She has only worked for
six months and therefore, she is in a better position to train more about the customers of the
company and the best way to engage them to improve in her service delivery.

  1. Select one staff member. Using the form provided complete, a learning plan for that
    staff member detailing two potential needs development activities.

One of the staffs is Lee. She is eager to learn .her role in the organization is to greet customers,
answer calls, and perform some of the administration roles that require computer skills.

Learning plan for Lee

Short Course Duration

  1. Office Communication 2 months
  2. Human relations 2 months
  3. Telephone skills 2 months
  4. Computer practice 2 months
  5. Justify the reasons for selecting the learning delivery method.
    The learning delivery method is based on cognitive approach hence will include attending
    lectures and through e-learning. This delivery method will be done through oral or written to
    equip Lee with skills and knowledge on how to render her duties well. It is also important
    method since knowledge and attitudes keep on changing. Lee is able to keep updated on the
    current knowledge and changes in her roles. Lee has ‘I can do it’ attitude therefore will excel in
    this kind of learning despite the fact that they are busy on numerous occasions.
  6. Suggest methods to determine how development will be monitored and evaluated ie how
    can you determine that performance has improved?
    a. Review the employee’s performance agreement besides any written document pertaining
    performance feedback which was provided by the employee.

b. Review the employee’s work objectives against his or her performance indicators or standards
c. Discuss with the employees on whether employees have succeeded or did not meet their
performance expectations and to what extent
d. Consider the employee’s input and document them

  1. Tim has described John as his mentor. Explain the role of a mentor. Identify several
    tasks that are suitable to develop through coaching and mentoring.
    A mentor is a person who shares with mentee information about his/her career path. The mentor
    also provides guidance, motivation, emotional support and guides someone’s character. A
    mentor is very essential in exploring someone’s career and setting of goals. A number of tasks
    are developed through coaching and mentoring such as leadership and managerial tasks,
    administration responsibilities among many others. A mentor or a coach provides this help
    through talking and interacting with the mentee. They also lead by example for the mentee to
    emulate the behavior. They therefore set precedence for the others to follow
  2. Describe two methods to collect feedback on performance.
    Feedback on performance of employees is important to provide an evaluation of their progress.
    One method of collecting feedback on performance is through use of surveys. The organization
    uses questionnaires to get the performance of employees by scoring on various attributes that
    assess their performance. The second method is use of forums to establish customer’s perception
    of the products being produced. The company of a third party (Azulay, 2012 p 300) hosts the

forums. Other ways is to analyze data on the employees’ performance such as sales volume
among others.

  1. Explain two reasons why it is important to maintain a record of staff development.
    Maintaining a record of staff development is important because it allows the organization to plan
    on the training needs of its staffs to ensure that it remains updated on the same. The second
    reason is to ensure that there is no lack of certain skills or competencies to ensure that the
    organization remains competitive and achieves its goals. This as well allows the organization to
    be aware of the skills needed as well as the cost of equipping employees such skills (Hatry,
    Newcomer & Wholey, 2013)..


Azulay, H. (2012). Employee development on a shoestring. Alexandria, Va: ASTD Press, c2012.
Hatry, H. P., Newcomer, K. E., & Wholey, J. S. (2013). Handbook of practical program
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