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Enterprise Reverse Logistics

Enterprise Reverse Logistics

Consider the readings and the video and explain how an organization can use the balanced scorecard to

measure ERL success? Minimum of 250 words.

*Then write “Lesson Learned”

In regards to the ERL (Enterprise Reverse Logistics) above, what you have learned that you have never
known until this course. It can be anything you learned from the lecture, book or something you have
seen in the news or television on a topic covered during this week. Your response should be 250 words


Enterprise Reverse Logistics

Enterprise Reverse Logistics is crucial as it helps companies to systematically
manage the returns’ execution processes and decreasing operational and shipping costs.
Enterprise Reverse Logistics is used to standardize return processes across the enterprise and
helps to automatically produce documentation for return shipping such as the carrier return labels
and configuring customer email notifications with ready-to-use shipping labels as well as
establish instant access to tracking information and tags. Therefore, enterprise reverse logistics is

vital in creating a balanced scorecard for logistic companies to measure overall performance
(Ecngroup, 2009).

A balanced scorecard for enterprise reverse logistics helps managers to monitor
the success of ERL effectively. Thus, a balanced scorecard for Enterprise Reverse Logistics
allows firms to look at the reverse logistics business from 4 critical perspectives. A balanced
scorecard allows managers to link all perspectives with overall performance measures. A
balanced scorecard for Enterprise Reverse Logistics links performance measures to customer
perspective, internal business perspective, financial perspective, innovation and learning
perspectives. The financial perspective allows managers to establish measures and goals that are
linked to performance measures and satisfaction of all company stakeholders. The scorecard
allows managers to measure customer perspective by evaluating how the company concerning
performance on customer and measures for satisfying their requirements (Ecngroup, 2009).
Besides, a balanced scorecard for Enterprise Reverse Logistics will establish what the company
excels concerning internal business perspective. It establishes goals and measures to assess
performance and ensures that the business operates effectively and efficiently to satisfy all
stakeholders as well as improve performance measures. Besides, a balanced scorecard will allow
Enterprise Reverse Logistics to establish innovation and learning perspective. This will allow
reverse logistic enterprises to continue improving and creating value for their customers.
Therefore, a balanced scorecard for Enterprise Reverse Logistics allows managers to establish
how customers see the company, what to excel at, how to continue improving and creating value
as well as how shareholders view the financial performance of the company.

Lesson Learned


From the understanding of the enterprise reverse logistics unit, I was able to
comprehend that companies can effectively use ERL to create a balanced scorecard that will link
all company perspective with overall performance measures. I was able to learn that companies
to link all different units of reverse logistics can use enterprise reverse logistics. Reverse logistics
companies can use ERL to establish an integrated reverse logistics network that connects all
units, which include finance, operation, customer service, and sales. This enables companies to
handle products’ returns effectively. This is because ERL allows companies to create an
automated system that can handle customer requirements effectively and link all units for
efficient operations and processes. The system allows managers to track what happened to
customers during the handling of the product return. The system is configured in such a way that
the retailer gets updated and real-time data to handle customer requirements (Ecngroup, 2009).
Therefore, ERL enhances operations and services to be handled faster through re-
conciliated systems. Besides, ERL ensures that the services of reverse logistics are handled
through the same roof and location, which saves costs and space for the firm. Thus, I have
learned that ERL reduces administrated efforts, minimizes errors, accelerates credit processing
and reconciliation, improves the visibility of returns, and promotes customer service and
enhances partner and customer satisfaction. I have also learned that enterprise reverse logistics
helps firms to manage the returns’ execution procedures systematically and decreases the
shipping and administrate costs and helps enterprises to standardize processes across the entire
logistics network.



Ecngroup, (2009). A cartoon of one product being returned using ECN ERL – Enterprise Reverse
Logistics. Ecngroup.

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