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Electronic Health Record Communication Technologies

Electronic Health Record Communication Technologies


Read the Real World Case (at the end of Chapter 16) in course text book Health Information
Management Technology: An Applied Approach (Fourth Edition) and answer the following questions
using the knowledge you gained from the chapter. Your responses should be written in paragraph


  1. What are the physicians trying to accomplish through buying the same EHR product at their
    hospital? What are the pros and cons? 2. Why cannot the physicians send a medication order to the
    hospital from their e- prescribing device? 3. What is the difference between scanning, COLD feeding,
    and point-of-care (POC) data entry? 4. How could the hospital improve upon its data quality? 5. Use
    the information that you gathered so far for your previous PowerPoint assignments and consider the
    real world case study and what the physicians are trying to accomplish by purchasing these products.
    When you think about the system development life cycle, use what you learned to determine how this

could help in accomplishing the goals associated with this case study.


Electronic Health Record Communication Technologies
Physicians have adopted a new move of trying to improve and support users through
making available complete and accurate data, practitioner reminders and alerts, links to
bodies of medical knowledge, clinical decision support systems, and other aids when buying
the same EHR product at hospital (Merida, 2012). Therefore, the physicians were propelled
to improve quality and continuity of health care at the hospital. The advantage of buying the
same EHR is that back-up of information is integrated into the hospital system (Merida,
2012). Another advantage is that no interfaces are required or a few of them are to be
employed to perfect the process. The disadvantage of purchasing the same EHR at the
hospital is that the hospital had a greater need meeting regulatory and financial requirements.
Billing and accounting packages are costly to acquire and install (Merida, 2012). The reason
why the physicians cannot send a medication order to the hospital from their e-prescribing
device is that they feared of patient not accepting electronic prescription and ought for
mediation to be written on paper form.
The difference between scanning, COLD feeding, and Point-of Care (POC) data entry
is that POC is used to input information to mobile phones, PDA, and tablets. Scanning is the
method used to get information from papers through use of lens. COLD feeding is the process
of storing large mass of data on a laser disk (Merida, 2012). Meanwhile, the hospital could

have improved on its quality data by successful implementation of HER, which calls for
strong leadership, mandatory staff training, strict adherence to time and budget and overall
involvement of clinical staff in the design of EHR (Merida, 2012). When the physicians
address the cons from EHR and improve on its quality data, it will effect faster retrieval of
hospital data, and this will consequently enhance realization of its goal to improve health

Merida, J. (2012).Health Information Management Technology. An Applied Approach
(Fourth Edition). Chicago; AHIMA.

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