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Effects of Human Resource practices on employee performance

It is very important for the writer to understand that this will be an ongoing paper and for this week he/she
will only be submitting a high level-level summary of 1-page word document of potential topics 3
minimum. The information below is just to guide the writer to understand what will be expected of the
paper later next week when he begins written the paper base on the topic that the writer will be chosen
this week and presenting in the summary mentioned above. It is also important for the writer to take into
consideration that for the topic for the doctoral study will be �Effects of Human Resource practices on
employee performance�. With this in mind the writer will be able to select potential research topics as

noted above in the first paragraph of this order form.

Effects of Human Resource practices on employee performance

Any organization’s performance depends largely on the practices of its employees.
Successful companies have realized increasingly that there are several factors that have an

impact on their performance but human resource has been ranked as the most crucial (Shields et
al., 2015). One of the primary goals of adopting human resource practices is to assess the
performance of employees in an organization ( Chukwuka Ernest, 2016; Noe, 2013). In the
modern competitive environment, several organizations have endeavored to persistently improve
the performance of their employees by improving the practices of the human resource
department. Alfes et al., (2013) acknowledge that the practices of HR are a major source of
competitive advantage.
Several scholars such as (Kehoe & Wright, 2013; Caliskan, 2010) argue that effective
HR practices promote the organization’s performance and result in production of higher profits.
Therefore, the main aim of my study will be to examine the relationship between HR practices
and the employee perceived performance various organizations across the globe. The problem
statement of my study will be “To what extent are human resource practices affecting the
performance of employees in an organization.” Some of the topics that will be researched

  • The impact of recruitment and selection on the performance of employees
  • The effect of staff compensation on organization performance
  • Impact of career planning on performance
  • Effect of employee training on the organization
  • Relationship between HR’s performance appraisal and staff performance
  • The impact of involvement of employees on the success of a company

The study will then draw a conclusion and recommendations from the findings obtained.
They study will used in future as a guide to any project related to HR practices and the
performance of employees.


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