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Effects of HRM Practices on Employee Performance

Effects of HRM Practices on Employee Performance

The writer will complete the following component of the paper using APA 6th edition. It is
important that the writer follow the instructions below to complete this paper. Remember that the topic of
the study we are working with is The EFFECTS OF HRM PRACTICES ON EMPLOYEE


The paper must be properly formatted in APA 6th edition and must also include a reference page with

references not been more than 5 years old.

Problem Statement

Text begins here. Text begins here. The problem statement describes the overall research problem
being addressed and indicates why it is important to the practice of management (e.g., who would care

if the problem were studied? It is helpful to state the general problem first and then state the specific
problem considered. One approach is state a problem as a gap between the current state of a situation
and the desired state of the situation. Either the current state or desired state may be implied and thus

not explicitly included in the

problem statement.

The problem statement concisely states what will be studied by describing at least two variables and a
conjectured relationship between them in quantitative studies. The problem statement describes the
need for increased understanding about the issue to be explored in qualitative studies.

Problem statements should be concise: 150 to 250 words.

� General business problem that exists in business.
Two citations are required from the literature to establish a problem exists.


Jones (2010) stated that employee turnover in the health care industry averages 46% across the nation.
According to Smith (2010), employee turnover contributes to loss of both revenue and customers. The

numbers and citations anchor the existence of the problem.

� Your specific issue/problem that you will address.


Employee turnover in Denver, Colorado is 66%, or employee turnover in Houston, Texas is 12%.

The focus of this study is to explore or examine xxxxxxx


Effects of HRM Practices on Employee Performance

Problem Statement
Human resource management is the art of managing employees in a firm or any other
institution. The efficiency and success of employees depend on the practices put by the HR
department. These practices include recruitment and selection, compensation and remuneration,
promotions and disciplining (Armstrong et al., 2014). These practices directly affect the
conduct and behavior of the employees. If these practices are favorable, then their delivery is
positive. However, if the practices are not favorable, then the work of the employees can be
catastrophic. All institutions primarily depend on employees to achieve their goals and
objectives. Therefore, it goes without saying that a happy workforce will deliver as expected
and thus the management must effect favorable practices. The shareholders too are interested in
the performance because they are directly affected by the overall performance of the firm. We
can take two practices for a thorough study. Taking remuneration practices as the research
problem. Various firms remunerate employees based on various criteria. Some of these criteria
may be the duration of an employee in the workplace, seniority of an employee, level of
education and special skills of an employee (Armstrong et al., 2014). It simply shows that there
are no specific standards for designing remuneration. These methods call for proper integration
of all these criteria to get a satisfied workforce.

In our study, let us take a firm that pays its employees based on the duration an
employee has taken in the firm. This criterion has the advantage of awarding loyalty.
Employees will tend to stay longer in jobs since the longer they work, the higher the pay.
However, it affects newer employees negatively. Both new and old employees should be
satisfied with the salaries they earn to achieve best results for the firm. The study intends to
harmonize pay independent of factors that may affect the employees negatively.
Purpose Statement of the Study
The best research method should be direct and personal. It should be a touch of both
quantitative and qualitative (Van de Vooerde et al., 2012). It will get the best information and
methods of tackling the problem. It will also indicate to the employees that they are an integral
part of the firm
The research design should be logical to address the research problem. The collection
and analysis of data should be handled by experts to come up with the most viable way out. In
collecting data, the enumerators should ensure unbiasedness so as to come up with good data
for analysis (Kooij et al., 2013). The analysis can even be presented to the employees for them
to see that their input has been put into consideration.
The researcher must ensure that both groups of interviews are available. The fact that
the pay system is affecting job performance must be clearly shown. The employees are the
independent variables and thus factor in the research (Mahadevan et al., 2014). The
recommended pay system must employ a reconciliatory approach so as not to be seen as
favoring either group of employees.

The population under study are the employees. However, the managerial staff should be
excluded to eliminate chances of biases. All the other employees, both new and old, should be
the respondents in the study. The area of study should not go beyond the firm. Geographically,
only the firm premises should be taken as the area of study. However, any field employee
should not be excluded on this basis. The study will invariably bring change. Higher or lower
recommended pay will affect the social behavior of the problems. All this must be put into
consideration during the study.
Research Question
The study addresses issues of the effects of HRM on employee performance. The main
issue being how specific HRM practices affect the individual or overall employee performance
of the employees of a given organization. This topic has been an interesting one with recent
research based on this phenomena. However, this paper will look at successful researching the
topic in relation to a given example of a firm facing a relative situation.



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Mahadevan, A., & Mohamed, F. A. (2014). The impact of Human Resource Management
(HRM) Practices on Employee Performance. International Journal of Accounting and
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HRM–organizational performance relationship: a review of quantitative studies.
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