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Effective Team Management

Effective Team Management

Do you agree or disagree with the McKinsey survey used by the authors that supply chain, sales, and
marketing managers do not understand the impact they have on one another and therefore, are the most
common barrier to collaboration for resolving the major supply chain trade-offs? Explain and discuss.

Effective Team Management

Team management is the process of managing a group of people to accomplish
shared objectives or goals. Thus, effective team management is secret to success and offers
various benefits such as enhanced efficiency, better ideas, mutual support, improved
competency, better results and a sense of accomplishment. Besides, leads to better coordination
of work and people can identify their potential and enhance expertise and better outcomes in
both of quantity and quality.

I agree with the McKinsey survey used by authors in different fields such as
supply chain, sales, and marketing. This is because most managers in the supply chain, sales, and
marketing field do not understand the impacts they have on one another as a team. Therefore,
this is the main barrier to team collaboration for resolving the significant supply chain trade-offs.
The main barrier to effective team management and collaboration in supply chain trade-offs is
the failure of managers in different supply chain units or departments failing to understand the
benefits they possess as a team and working in collaboration. This is because team collaboration

and effective management through motivation and encouragement lead to increased efficiency
and improved performance during trade-off services. Managers in the supply chain, sales, and
marketing fail to manage different skills regarding ideas, knowledge, and expertise. Thus, they
fail to develop efficient and quick solutions that can easily lead to better ideas (Commlab India,

Besides, managing people to work together gives teams opportunities to
comprehend their co-workers better and encourages mutual support to achieve common goals.
This creates healthy competition within team members promoting the growth of skills and
standards that in turn improve competency. Besides, managers should celebrate achievement
together in order to build a sense of accomplishment. Managers in the various departments
within supply chain should use effective management strategies such as avoiding favoritism,
giving credits, letting employees make mistakes, communicating effectively, avoiding criticism,
aligning group goals with organizational goals, motivating teams, periodic assessments,
maintaining discipline, managing conflicts and not taking individual decisions. Thus, effective
team management enhances leadership and leads to successful teamwork and successful supply
chain operations.



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