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Educational issue within your school

For your final assessment, create a PowerPoint. To begin this assignment, do the following:

  1. Identify an educational issue within your school
  2. Identify a decision that has been made that is associated with that issue.
  3. Identify the stakeholders involved and define/explain the roles of each.
  4. Describe the process used, evidence gathered, and analysis used to make the decision.
  5. Provide recommendations that could improve any of the following: the process, data collection,
    or data interpretation.

Instructional practices in the
classroom that attempt to
increase students engagement

In my school the student engagement is quite
limited to:

 Group discussions
 Questions-answer session

• The participation in the class discussions often
revolves around the lecturer initiating the
• There is minimal participation from the student
due to

 the fear of making mistakes
 There are no points to their grades that they get
from the discussions
• In the school a number of decisions have been
made to promote the student engagement in
the learning process. The school
management has incorporated technology in
nearly all its activities to foster effective
 Students are encouraged to carry out research
as they are provided with assignments and
experiments at the end of each unit
 During the start of the semester or course unit
the instructors either assign the students with
their patterns or encourage them to select
someone they are comfortable with to be their
 The discussion board or online site has been
created where the students get to discuss
different topics after the unit. The teachers
award points to students who are actively
engaged in the discussions
 Most of the lecturers provide videos on the
course unit before the class session. The
students are expected to go through the
videos and chat down notes this often sparks

an interactive question and answer learning
during the class session
Underlying Issue

 It is a costly process since the school
has to implement the latest
educational technology to foster
 Time consuming as the lecturers have
to be trained on ways to incorporate
technology in the learning experience
to foster engagement
 Resistance from the old lecturers and
board members who prefer the
traditional form of teaching to the
modern one that involves active
student engagement

Process used to
make the decision

• The decision making process involves
the actively involvement of all the
stakeholders in the research process.
• The questionnaire statistical research
methods is suitable in the collection of
• The data is then analysed by the
researchers and the findings are
provided to the board and
management members.
• They then select the engagement
processes that are within the budget
scope and the school curriculum. The
implementation process is left to the
management and lecturer team.

Evidence is gathered
and used to drive

• The students are provided with structured open
questionnaires with a stipulated time frame to
answer the questions
• The lecturers also actively participate in the
research process where they engage other
lecturers from other institutions to find the form of
engagements that they are using in their lessons.
• The parents and other stakeholders are
encouraged to give their input by filing the
• All the questionnaires are collected and the data
extracted analysed and the findings are
submitted to the management and the board of
• The management and board then give the
consent on the type of engagement and
participation to be undertaken by the institution
with respect to the core values and the

• Based on the research I would recommend the following types of engagements to be used
to complement group discussions and questions-answer sessions. They are
 PowerPoint presentation
 Internal and external educational symposiums
 Experiments
• Secondly, the lecturers should enhance the present online site to involve more aspects apart
from students accessing and submitting assignments. It should also enable students to take
part in various discussions that will spark their creativity an enhance their learning

• Thirdly the institution should introduce the process of awarding points to the students
participation. The aspect will increase the level of participation in the classroom and on the
online sites

• Thirdly, the instructors should enhance the present
online site to involve more aspects apart from students
accessing and submitting assignments. It should also
enable students to take part in various discussions that
will spark their creativity an enhance their learning
 Fourthly, instructors should have one on one
sessions with the silent and introvert students
in class to motivate them to participate in
class discussions and other active
engagement activities .
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