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D’Youville Doctor of Physical Therapy Admission Essay

D’Youville Doctor of Physical Therapy Admission Essay

I edited this essay several times, but I think this level of essay is not enough to admit to the doctor

of physical therapy school where is very competitive now.

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D’Youville Doctor of Physical Therapy Admission Essay

The D’Youville mission statement caught my attention due to its teachings on students’
contribution the community by leading compassionate, productive, and responsible lives. The
valuable experiences at the Burlington Hospital’s inpatient, and outpatient settings helped me
realize that interpersonal and problem-solving skills problem-solving skills are critical in
examining patients, evaluating symptoms, diagnosing conditions, developing prognoses, and
implementing interventions. A physical therapist should be able to communicate with the
patients effectively to understand the problems. My aim of becoming a physical therapist is to
exercise treatment to return functional parts of the body to their best state through movement.
Five years ago, I had a car accident that led to a shoulder injury. During recovery, I
realized that getting help from others facilitates the physical and mental healing process. After
the experience, I developed an interest in health care field because my relative, who was an
acupuncturist, influenced me to choose it as a future career.
Towards graduation from acupuncture school, my professor recommended volunteering
at a clinic run by one of his friends. Since it occasionally provided acupuncture treatment to
patients, I got an opportunity to see how acupuncture and physical therapy can work together

efficiently. Therefore, after graduating from acupuncture school, I started preparing to a[pply for
the entry level of physical therapy.
Moreover, after working in Alpha Rehab Center for two and half years, I learned that a
physical therapist must have an extensive amount of medical knowledge. For instance, at the
clinic, I had the opportunity to work with a patient who was experiencing pain on her elbow’s
medial side, and it was easier to apply my medical knowledge. With a special test (the Valgus
stress test) and diagnosis of the symptoms (swelling, pain, and tenderness), I determined that she
had a medial collateral ligament (MCL) sprain with physical therapist’s confirmation.
While volunteering at the Burlington Hospital inpatient clinic during my acupuncture
studies, I observed the therapist with the orthopedic background diagnose this condition.
However, I learned that it was a difficult condition to diagnose accurately, even with his vast
knowledge of orthopedics and physical therapy. Therefore, diagnosing the condition on my own
proved that knowledge, problem solving, and even critical thinking are necessary for finding
solutions. The awareness of these skills’ importance encouraged me to study the specialty of
orthopedics in physical therapy thoroughly. In achieving that at D’Youville, I plan to take the
advanced orthopedic certificate program after completing an entry-level degree in physical
therapy. In particular, I am eager to learn spinal manipulation and functional approach to
With six months of inpatient clinic experience at Burlington Hospital, I have learned that
one should master the interpersonal skills to provide optimal patient care. Additionally, they are
necessary for respectful interaction with faculty and classmates, productive classroom
discussions, and promotion of proper therapist–patient relationships. Human wellness stems from
physical and mental health; therefore, a physical therapist that connects with patients can treat

them quickly. Moreover, the patient is likely to provide details about his or her life, which could
give clues about the cause of the person’s illness or injury.
Additionally, when I began working in Burlington Convalescent Hospital, a physical
therapist encountered a patient experiencing left shoulder pain, but was reluctant in answering
the therapist’s questions. However, with my knowledge of a shoulder injury, I understood her
discomfort and why she was having a hard time. Therefore, I tried to discuss her situation with
understanding and also recognized that she was Korean like me. Due to the mutual
communication, she told me about her past and explained the cause of her hospital visit. Through
empathy, I built a better relationship with her and consequently noticed that she usually leaned
on the left side of her body, which was the cause of her pain. This experience taught me the
value of connecting with patients on a personal level rather than only treating their conditions.
The DPT program at D’Youville offers specific training that will complement my current skills
and develop the ones I currently possess.
After studying the D’Youville website, I was confident that the Interprofessional
simulation education (IPE) would strengthen my interpersonal skills and clinical professional
confidence for patient care. Moreover, I read the IPE research paper which enhances students’
understanding of professional roles on communication and responsibilities. The simulation used
trained actors as patients, and students practiced with other healthcare professionals in a variety
of simulation activities utilizing the experience of a real clinic. With the IPE setting, students can
practice and learn in a safe environment with professional supervision.
Rather than becoming a physical therapist that merely treats patients, I aspire to give the
patients hope and encouragement as well. I firmly believe that the spirit of St. Marguerite

D’Youville, its mission statement, and the DPT program nourish knowledge, social skills, and
professionalism that will prepare me to be a leader who contributes to the world community.

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