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Doctoral Study Rubric

Doctoral Study Rubric

Doctoral Study Rubric
As you know, rubrics are used in this program to evaluate each learner�s performance on course
assignments. The doctoral study, and each element that constitutes it, will also be assessed according to
a rubric. Using a rubric allows for maximum transparency in what is expected of you and in the evaluation
process itself.
By reviewing the rubric at the very outset of your doctoral study, you will be able to ensure you have a
plan in place to systematically address each area on which you will be assessed. Beginning this week, we
will examine rubrics from different institutions in the U.S to see how they differ from institution to
For this paper, we will start by reviewing the Doctoral Study Rubric from an institution call Walden
University of which many of you know of. After reviewing the entire Rubric of the above institution,
address the following:
� Identify three challenges that might pose a problem on your project.
� Classify a plan of action for demonstrating competency in each area of assessment.
� Consider the characteristics of a successful student-doctoral study chair relationship.

Doctoral Study Rubric

Identifying and implementing an effective methods when assessing students is one of
the challenges that educators often face. The faculty and students often ask questions about
grading and assessment of their projects. Questions about assessment and grading appear when
instructions are not clear, or the rationale for the awarding of grades is not well articulated
(Howell, 2014).
Some of the challenges that I may face while working on my project include; Lack of
the specific information about features of the performance that need attention. This is because
of less performance level. Another challenge is describing the study validity and identifying the
threats to external validity. Finally, I find it a bit challenging developing interview questions or
focus group questions. The grading rubric has not provided explicit information to guide in
developing interview questions.

A plan of action helps to address area needing improvement in order to satisfactorily
complete a project. To effectively develop a plan of action, I will state all the problems in a list,
Write SMART learning objectives and finally verify the achievement of the outcome
measurement. This plan of action will help me to demonstrate competency in my area of study.
Some of the characteristics of a successful student-doctoral study chair relationship is
accessibility. A chair must be accessible to other students through email, phone among other
means of communication (Howell, 2014). A chair should also be understandable, to enable the
students to understand him/her and also learn the preferred way of communicating on how to
receive drafts of the doctoral study chapters and abstract of the project at hand. Finally, a chair
should be creative and full of ideas so as to help students in providing guides, plans, and
suggested readings to enable a student to conceptualize ideas about their projects.
In conclusion, a grading rubric is important in the education system as it provides both
the student and the tutor a preset way of tackling their projects. However, some students may
find challenges when using the grading rubric. But to be successful in following the rubric, it is
important to develop a plan of action to help in solving the challenges. Finally, it is good that
students have a good relationship with their student doctoral study chair.



Howell, R. J. (2014). Grading rubrics: hoopla or help?. Innovations in education and teaching
international, 51(4), 400-410.

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