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Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation

For the two post, the writer will read them and them give a constructive criticism and feedback on each of
the post. For each of the article the writer will use a pear review article to support his comments. The
comments should be very constructive and directly link to the articles, underlining or highlighting the
points made in the articles. The writer should also briefly respond to any questions pose at the end of
each of the articles.

Data Interpretation

Article one

The post is concise and straight to the point. This enhances ones understanding. I tend to
agree with the author that in any business, it is prudent to ensure that teams are strong because
they determine either the success or failure of the business. Formulation of mission statements
of organizations is important and requires participation of the stakeholders. Caution is however,
required to avoid unnecessary descriptions. In organizations that provide financial services, it is
prudent that they have initiatives that will enable them to nurture and manage existing talent to
add value to their services (Fanny & Tonny Irianto, 2015). Both qualitative and quantitative
research study should help researchers meet their objectives. The fact that the author, put to
consideration the existing and current research concerning the topic, this enhanced the level of
credibility. However, it is very important for the sources of information to be recent and
authoritative for them to be incorporated in any study. Therefore, I find the articles reliable and
suitable for any person since they demonstrate intensive research.
Post 2
Post two is about the impact of recall of Toyota on its reputation. These two studies both
qualitative and quantitative are important in giving more insights about the impact of the product
recall. These researches are systematic and provide insights on the same. The articles are clear
and demonstrate evidence of in depth research. The quantitative study has incorporated various
studies and institutions comments on the Toyota recall. These findings provide a platform to
understand the issues better. Similarly, the qualitative study has incorporated views from
customers on the recall, providing an insight on the same. Therefore, I do affirm these two
studies. They are all important as they provide various information concerning the issue at hand
helping readers to have various perspectives. I particularly agree with Mittal et al (2010) that
when facing a product harm crisis, entities should use marketing research to compare and

evaluate their brand, the firm is able to quantify the customer perceptions to guide on the suitable
strategy to employ. Using multiple approaches can as well help to find out about the attitudes,
perceptions, and intentions of the customers.


Fanny, S., & Tonny Irianto, S. (2015). The Influence of Talent Factors on Business Performance.
Issues In Social & Environmental Accounting, 9(1), 76-99.
Mittal, V., Sambandam, R., & Dholakia, U. M. (2010). Toyota steers clear of reputation damage,
marketing research, summer, 9-13.

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