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Data analysis methods

Using the doctoral study that you selected in Week 1, evaluate the data analysis methods used. Incorporate appropriate references to the course readings about data analysis methods. For all the questions below, remember to explain how you came to your conclusions. Support your answers with explanation or evidence drawn from the dissertation and from course readings.
�Were the data analysis methods used appropriately for the qualitative tradition or research design (e.g., case study, ethnography, grounded theory, etc.)? Why or why not?

�Were all aspects of the data analysis methods described or justified sufficiently? If not, what could have the author said and why? If sufficient, explain why you think so.

�Do you think the data needed to answer the research question(s) could have been analyzed as effectively using other data analysis methods? If so, what other methods would you recommend and why? If not, why not? This includes the data analysis methods as well as how they were conducted or implemented.

�Add any additional comments for evaluation not addressed above.
�Use citations and references to support your opinions and statements.


In carrying out this interview in accordance to week 2 and 3, it was significant that a set of questions developed to enable the interviewees respond and give data concerning the research study. This interview created an atmosphere of openness that was important during the interviewing process since through this approach, insights will be provided into the relevant and important information that is needed (Mukhopadhyay, & Gupta, 2014). My interviewees are named; Mr. X, and Y and for the purpose of gender and inclusion of Mrs. W and T are incorporated.

It is significant to ascertain that each and every interviewee belonged to a particular generational cohort. I developed some pre-formed questions that would provide useful tools that will guide the process of the interview (Mukhopadhyay, & Gupta, 2014). As entailed in the problem statement, there are considerable values including characteristics, internal and external motivators, and the manner in which communication are carried out among the four generational employees. This forms the basis of the interview in this paper.


The interviewees were welcomed in one of the pre-arranged environment and after some brainstorming; we kicked off the process by beginning with formalities in with each and every respondent given the opportunity to introduce themselves.

Q; What are some of the values, characteristics that define you’re within a work environment and home?

Mr. X; In my view, I have and always feel a strong commitment to my leaders and fellow workers within the workplace including in my family. On the family issue, I tend to believe on nuclear family setups accustomed to traditional roles. I can also infer to the fact that I am a committed and a dedicated worker within the organization I work with, a factor that has earned me promotions.

Mr. Y; Well for me life has been an avenue to explore great opportunities that have allowed me to follow my dreams and passions without any restrictions. I am very optimistic about life and most probably an idealist. In any environment, I enjoy the aspects of working in teams, and this has been part of my upbringing since childhood with a competitive attitude. I am a believer of achieving and serving my needs and wants and I also believe that every individual has the capacity to do anything in life.

Mrs. W; As for me, I have a developed principle that gives me the ability to survive any situation in life and a believer of personalized relationships. I am individualistic and self-reliant and in the midst of challenges within a work environment, I would prefer rely on my approach to finding solutions for the problems. That’s what defines me.

Mrs. T; I would say that I am in most instances a hard worker since during my childhood I have always been raised to engage in many activities. Within my family context and the work place, I prefer participating in the decision-making processes. I am in love with different cultures, religions, and races, a factor that pushes me to network with various people from within these backgrounds. I am a believer of empowering people into taking actions in the event that things turn hard in life.

Q; I must admit that e are doing well and coming to the next question, what work attitudes do you have within a work environment?

Mr. X; Working under a people or a management team has taught me how to be loyal to the authority and my employers. I also believe that hard work has the capacity to earn an individual a leadership position within a workplace and find it at times to go against the will of the existing authority. I am a believer of achieving goals; however change processes sometimes turn out to be a challenge to me. I enjoy sharing a wealth of my knowledge with many other workers within our organization to mentor and guide them.

Mr. Y; I am accustomed to the beliefs that confine me into achieving my successes. I also believe in achieving goals through teamwork and in my opinion believe in a contextualized leadership methodology. I, on the other hand, hate criticisms and any negative feedbacks.

Mrs. W; I in accordance with this question believe on the prospects of self-reliance and direction within a work environment. I believe in myself and in many instances I am very skeptic when it comes to putting abilities on other. I also appreciate informal atmospheres and truth are I am very slow in making decisions.

Mrs. T; As for me, I love engaging and forming collaborations with leaders and other employees within a workstation. I must mention that I am also exquisite in multitasking and as would everyone, not so open to critiques. I am a respecter of authorities and leadership teams and, on the other hand, enjoy mentoring others. I believe in being part of a leadership team with the aim of making decisions.

Q; Starting with you Mr. X, do you believe in work life and work ethics?

Mr. X; What defines these elements in me is hard work and sacrifice. I believe in taking every opportunity, and I am always contented with where I am or my position. I am also a perfectionist, and I believe in doing things the right way.

Mr. Y; For me, I believe in giving my all in everything I do. In many instances, people have always referred to me as a workaholic. My career and work remain the most important things in my life.

Mrs. W; As for me in line with this, I believe in following procedures and protocols to the letter. I love the flexibility in work arrangements and in most times believe in giving my home life priority.

Mr. Y; Multi-tasking remains my game in achieving my goals. I value information and prefer details rather than short, curt methods. I am always optimistic and resilient in reaching my aspirations.

In this section, the interviewees were required to give answers to closed-ended questions.

Q; Do you believe that the pursuit of an achievement and the need to be successful may drive you to a position of power with the aim of influencing others?

Table 1.1

Strongly Agreeing (SA), 10,Agreeing (A), 5;  Not Disagreeing nor Agreeing, (NDA), 4Disagreeing (D), 3  Strongly Disagreeing (SD), 1
Mr. X;     
Mr. Y;    
Mrs. W    
Mr. Y    


It is significant to realize that that Mr. X represented the Traditionalist, Mr. Y the Baby Boomers, Mrs. W the Generation X and lastly Mrs. T the Millenials. The data collected in this interview will, therefore, be analyzed with the aim of determining and understanding the research question.

Reference Mukhopadhyay, S., & Gupta, R. K. (2014). Survey of Qualitative Research Methodology In Strategy Research And Implication For Indian Researchers. Vision (09722629)18(2), 109-123.

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