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Cyprus exploration and production sharing contract “peruna”

Discuss Cyprus exploration and production sharing contract “peruna”

Safety conditions and measures regarding employee’s health and compensation policies.
In line with the international labor and employment policy, I would like to point out the
following matters that I would like addressed urgently. The working conditions and the dangers
involved in the exploration exercise and consequently mining operations. The measures that the
company, together with the government of Cyprus have undertaken to ensure that the workers
will be safe despite the continuing political unrest in the country and the nature of the exploration
operation. It’s obvious from the ongoing debate in the country that there are strong protest in the
region that Peruna will be operating from and there’s need to reassure the management of peruna
and all the prospective employees and future sub-contractors that the region is safe and the
government is firmly in control despite the animosity being displayed by the residents of block
five where the exploration exercise is scheduled to be conducted.

Cyprus exploration and production sharing contract “peruna”

There’s need also to discuss and come up with an elaborate scheme of
compensation in the event of unscheduled interruption of work that may be caused by
unexpected unnatural events. The procedure to be followed and the methods of dealing with
permanent expatriates and the hired local staff needs to be clearly defined.
Given the nature of this contract, I would like the government of Cyprus to waiver the
additional taxes on the plants and equipment that will be used in the exploration exercise. These
will encourage Peruna to invest more in new plants and equipment which eventually will be
surrendered to the government as per the contract agreement. Mobilization of resources and
setting up of residential camps is another factor that needs clarification from the government.

Responses to two classmates

1) Response to Ladinyl
In response to Ladinyl feedback, both convenience and purposive sampling can be used for this
research, but they are not as appropriate as stratified random sampling which allows gathering of
information from different strata of the sample such as age groups, sex, social class, and level of
income or education.

2) Response to Charles

Cyprus exploration and production sharing contract “peruna”


In response to Charles feedback, I strongly concur with him that stratified random sampling
would be the most appropriate sampling procedure for this research because of reasons given
above in my response.

Cyprus exploration and production sharing contract “peruna”



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