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Cultural, social and global ministry

This is a admission letter into a internship program @ Regent University. Please be advised, do not use
any form of plagiarized contents in this letter please. Total words should be 450-550 words. The paper is
due Friday 4/15/2016 @ 8am. Thanks
I. Describe how a degree of M.A Practical Theology from the School of Divinity would facilitate your
personal, spiritual and professional goals. (150 words)
II. Considering your personal, spiritual, and professional background, why have you chosen Regent as
the place to pursue your degree and is there theological compatibility? (50 words)
III. How have your academic and ministry accomplishments prepared you to be successful in this degree
program? (250 words)

As determined in this application, a Degree of M.A Practical Theology would be
impactful in both my personal, spiritual and professional goals. The degree will equip me with
the required skills and competencies that would aid me in becoming a holistic leader in ministry.
This is primarily attributed to the fact that I will gain knowledge and understanding of the
theological principles as they relate to leadership, a factor that will provide me with the capacity
to engage in cultural, social and global ministry. Additionally, this degree will impact my
professional and personal growth, a process that will enhance my intellectual, ministerial and
spiritual formation. In this case, the knowledge gained during this period will be helpful in my
life since it will impact my leadership skills and abilities in different ministerial positions.
The primary rationale for choosing regent as the place to pursue my degree is in
consideration of the fact that this theological institution offers sound knowledge on theological
education. On the other hand, Regent is effective in training and nurturing servant leadership in
students, a factor that aids in the development of Christian leaders. These factors therefore point
to my reasons for choosing Regent as the only institution that would impact my pursuit of a
degree in this field.
In consideration of my academic and ministerial accomplishments, it is important to consider the
fact that they have been impactful in preparing me for this program. It is first important to
consider the fact that the nature of my calling remains one of the essential factors that
contributed to my preparation for this program. Several of my capstone papers during my
diploma programs were beneficial since they primary focused in Christina leadership. The
leadership classes and my full engagement in leadership within different Christian organizations
impacted my knowledge and prepared me for this program. Most of my classes were also tied to

the basics and foundations of theology, a factor that enacted my understanding of this program
prior to this application.
One of the essential aspects that also prepared me for this program was the engagement in
missions within the ministry I serve. The missions provided me with an in-depth understanding
of the aspect of ministry and the need of getting equipped through education in order to be
effective in the field. I had a complete understanding of different cultures and the need of
understanding different cultural elements in ministry. This knowledge therefore prepared me for
this program.
Lastly, I would also consider my engagement in different ministries within our organization as
another factor that prepared e for this program. Within these ministries, it came to my
understanding that there is a need of getting equipped in order to meet their spiritual needs. As a
leader in the youth ministry, I noted that youths are specialized in different areas, and needed a
leader who would identify with some of the challenges they encounter within their areas of
specialization. In this case, this element prompted the need to pursue education in order to be
relevant to the spiritual needs of these individuals. These factors therefore denote the elements
that drove my desire to pursue knowledge in this field. I herein look forward to hearing from
Yours Sincerely

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